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1990 Cressida Caged 1jz

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I didn't want to put this on here because I figured it would be pointless but I'm somewhat desperate. I'll get called a fag for a bunch of reasons, but I'm cool with it. You guys can feel free to low ball me or tell me its not worth anything. I understand its a cressida. I just need money to finish nursing school so I won't be a loser for the remainder of my life. I'm posting this car here for $8,000. I posted it up higher other places just to see what someone would offer me, but feel free to make an offer. I know you guys generally aren't too shy. I got a lot of offers for 240s and other misc piles of shit I don't want. I want money not really a trade but if you want to trade something I'll look at it and most likely say no. LMK what you think kids!













Rust free California, no sunroof, non-ABS car with roll cage
The car has never seen a winter stored every winter
Soarer 1jz swap - all new gaskets, new oil and water pump, NEW EVERYTHING!
R154 5 speed transmission
Cusco 2 way LSD
Stance gr+ pro 12k front 10k rear - Serialnine kit
Serialnine Solid subframe and diff bushings
New steering rack with polyurethane rack bushings
Xcessive manufacturing solid subframe and differential bushings
Xcessive manufacturing adjustable tension rods with polyurethane tension rod bushings
Koyo is300 radiator
Driftmotion Front mount intercooler
Brand new Optima red top

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actually found your car last weekend looking for images of x8's with starion wheels. the pic i found was the last one in your post above, and this is back when it was for sale a long time ago with the M still in it for $3,700. some 240sx kid was asking his forum friends if he should buy it.


it's funny that shit seems to work out the way that it does, because i found myself wishing i could remember who owned the car so i could ask him things like, "which starion wheels are on the car," and "what tires is it running," and "are those the ZG repros you can usually find on eBay?"


so now that serendipity saw to it that you came back here to post this, can you answer any of my questions?



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I would love to answer your questions. I expected more animosity with my apparently outrageous asking price. Lmk what you need.

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Lol I hate wisconsin dude.


It's mainly just the shit weather. I've been trying to ride motorcycles as much as possible this year but the weather is constantly shit.


you should be all WI and get a rusted out sunfire.

unfortunately no one has offered me a sun fire yet. I would love to put a rag in the gas tank and blow that turd up.

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When I lived in Eau Claire, I rode year round.

Bikes go through deep snow better than cars do.

And they have this neat attire up there, it's called a snowmobile suit.

Damn kids !

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