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Fuck this sucks


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Fuck I suck

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Tweaked the entire chassis pretty bad. Roof and firewall twisted. Jeep pulled off a side road and froze right in front of me. Luckily my roommate started recording a Snapchat video right as we were coming around the corner. The last week has been a shit show. I’m still pretty sore, my roommate is fucking hurting bad with suspected broken cartilage in her chest. Seatbelt didn’t lock. I have no bruises, just swelling in my neck. Dog was with us, it was a pretty shitty day. I’m thankful we were able to walk away. If I had been getting it we woulda been dead, or at least she woulda been. HOA tripped out about the car being home, so had to have it towed once again. First wrecker popped the oil pan and towed it in fourth like a fucking idiot as well as flattened the section of the exhaust I was most proud of. Speaking of exhaust, I had just welded a 2.5” v band on the TRD header and used an HKS Super Drager resonator and mid muffler that I welded a polished 4” tip on as the can and was in love with the sound.




No no clue what’s next. This month blows.






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I’m gay

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Here’s some of the pics of the exhaust. Was going to add a little polished stainless pie to the tip to make it slightly longer and turn down slightly, oh well. Also hard wired the Emanage in with some spare male/female connectors and made a PNP harness. One connector was for tapped signals, the other was for intercepted/modified signals that had a spare connector that completed the broken/intercepted circuits so it could return to stock and run. Literally did that all afternoon before wrecking it. Was going to grab the comm cable on the way home from swimming. Also had TechStream up and running. Car was solid, started and ran fucking flawless with no codes other than speed sensor which was about to get clamped. Was so excited to get the wideband on and start logging data with the Emanage to clean up the map. Mid range was super weak but the little 3s was impressive up top! I’d still like to try a bone stock intake/exhaust one to compare as I’ve heard the bits I had REALLY needed a tune to actually make power. 














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Glad you are ok dude. Hope you can take that dumbass's insurance to the cleaners on this one.

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