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UPDATED w/ Rd4!! Dewayne Ramsey 2013 FD Pro/Am Recap. The Chronicles of the Banana Boat -

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Alright you mother fuckers, I'm about to post like 200 pics and a short story of this entire year and what led up to my first year of Lonestar Drift FD Pro/am. Traveling from florida to Texas for each round left me and friends with hundreds of memories, tons of drifting, tons of money spent, and I ending up 5th overall for 2013.

First heres my old x8 i got in 2010 or so. 1j, r154, coilovers, wheels, welded diff and that was pretty much it since i daily drove it and drifted it at local events.


We broke up, I drank 40s all the time.

Then I saw this shitbox that was ameen's for sale on jzxp. Austin had it in northern alabama and I wanted it mainly since it already had a Cage that was pretty legit

Alabama has malt liquor in 4 packs

threw the s9 kit from it on my DD cressida and cut the roof off it for some big car meet since it would be the last time I legally drove a cressida on the street since then.

removed all parts from it since I knew I would need them later

Scrapped it

Began putting in hours on the new to me chassis by painting the entire interior one solid color

ordered tons of parts which was pretty cool since i was single and living in a tiny apartment my entire paychecks would go to race car shit. (which is totally stupid and fuck you)

more parts

Had to remove and replace LITERALLY everything that could bolt to this chassis
Entire front suspension
Entire rear suspension
Gas tank
Under chassis fuel lines/brake lines
Brake booster/ master cylinders

Many days were spent under the car on the ground fixing shit

Started the wiring
ended up with
switch panel
12 circuit racecar chassis harness
240sx 8 relay holder/ 8 relays

came out alot better than I expected and all my circuits worked which were
Fuel pump
Brake lights

Got the car together for the most part

Made my own hydro ebrake dual caliper bracket that uses stock x8 calipers (this was before XM released their own)

More fancy parts

grabbed a P5858 and had it fully rebuilt by precision and some 550s from kyle sent to driftmotion for cleaning

Wastegate dump came out pretty

Went over my engine harness and fixed a few broken connectors.


Achilles radial sent me support program vinyl (huge nightmare later so read on)

AEM came in <3

got tired of not driving so I went to a Nola Motorsports Park event in December 2012.
drove some RHD s13

saw this and it began my banana boat ideas

Got a SWEET 12 valve cummins truck for a score to tow my banana boat to Texas

Intercooler mounts/piping


Hydro setup with -4 AN brake line

loaded the base map driftmotion sent with the aem and it barely ran

made a simple cluster with wideband and the aem serial gauge which is amazing

loaded it up and took it to TDC in mobile, alabama and had them tune it to 14psi. (maxed my factory map sensor) made 350hp/330tq on pump gas

drove it to the gas station a few times


Huge relief after this event since a few months ago this thing wasn't even a rolling chassis

lots of tandem

My genius friend made a sweet GM 3 bar map sensor in an oem jz map sensor case.

painted it with rustoleum industrial building paint after i saw that genesis and saw a "how to" in hotrod magazine

Achilles radial didn't have any tires for the support program so i bought some atr sports (235/40/18s) from tires-easy and Loaded the car with vinyl and onto the trailer and headed for Texas Lonestar drift round 1.
Took the car Back to TDC on the way to texas for retune with GM 3 bar and to 20psi. car made 410hp/400tq and felt fucking rad as shit!

was suppose to stay with gibbs in houston, but after getting drunk at his place we decided to crash at a hotel.
woke up the next morning to this with alot of shit missing from the truck. luckily the car was ok

this was my first ever "pro/am" event and i had expected it to have a really strict tech inspection and everyone be assholes but it was the COMPLETE opposite of that. got lots of tandem practice in (too much)

first time changing tires at this event and both of my electric impact batteries were dead. had to change tires with a 1/2 ratchet and i somehow managed to fuck my studs up. (ALL OF THEM) so we had to literally cross thread lug nuts on. luckily the studs were ARP haha

everything at the event went great except I ran out of achilles before qualifying. LOL Borrowed some used tires from Nacho and barely squeezed into top 16. qualified like 14th or 15th so.

bought some Kendas 265/35/18 from Turnbow since he broke his R154 during practice. and went into competition
Round 1 was quite some time ago (march) so I barely remember exact details of the comp but there was alot of confusion at the starting line about which car led, when we could change tires, ect..

had to call 5 minutes to swap tires during top 8 since we had a few OMTs and almost got DQ'd since we were literally changing tires looking like retarded cavemen.

I remember sitting in the drivers seat fully suited while my pit guys are cross threading the lug nuts on and Aaron Losey (runs all the events) is at my drivers window asking ARE YOU READY?? YOU GOTTA GET OUT THERE NOW! so i told them to drop the jack and i did a quick burnout and rushed to the start line. not knowing how many lug nuts i had on or if they were even tight.
finished those runs and won the battle so i returned to my pits and my guys tell me none of the lug nuts were over 20ft lbs. got all of them torqued down to 85 ft lbs and went back out for final 4

went against Tim and that was a confusing and sketchy battle since he was handicapped with a broken r154 thrust washer. had no 1st or 3rd. I beat Tim and got pretty stoked at this point since it meant i was finishing at least 3rd place.

I ended up smashing Nacho in the door pretty good out of the excitement

lost the battle to move on and finished my weekend and first pro/am event strong with a 3rd place finish

the drive home sucked.



Round 2:


Round 2 was CRAZY. Event was held at Texas Motor Speedway on the road course. I was really stoked on this because I had heard it would be super fast and the track was really grippy!


Since the car was pretty solid after round 1, all i had to do was chop the studs to normal length and get more lug nuts.


also redid my alignment with +.2 camber and a little more toe in in the rear for traction during squatting.



Ordered achilles radials through the support program for this event and ended up getting 8 of their 123S semi-slick in 265/35/18.

They come individually wrapped which sucks to remove



These things are the best tire Ive ever driven on. better than 615k, NT05, AD07, AD08, all of them!

(Achilles on Left)




Left saturday morning from florida and drove all day to our hotel near TMS



got to the hotel and drank a few Yuenglings that we brought with us. Crashed out early and woke up to hotel breakfast and then headed to the track.

TMS is HUGE and the whole facility is amazing

(dont mind the vinyl, ill tell that story later)



Got out onto the track for my first runs with the 123S in the rear and the car would barely spin them with 45PSI hot in them. at first i thought the car was down on power, but we bumped up the pressure to 65psi hot in all of the rear tires i had and went out for some more seat time.

it helped ALOT. even at 65PSI these things had tons of grip and were blowing my mind!



65psi hot in the rear tires felt pretty sweet but during practice into the first corner I would have some understeer issues since i was still running regular ATR SPORTs up front from round 1. lowered front tire pressure to like 15psi and kept 65psi in the rears and it bandaided the understeer problems




drove alot from 9am to 2pm



Had our drivers meeting then went out for qualifying.

I qualified 11th I think and it was pretty difficult figuring out these new tires.


Went into top 16 and advanced onto top 8.


there was alot of crashes and crazy stuff happening and the dude i was suppose to battle for top 8 had fucked his shit up too bad to repair for top 8 so I got a bi-run into final 4.


for this battle I went against Mike with a 600hp e36. He qualified higher so he led first.

is car is fast as FUCK, and pulled a decent gap on the straight away. we both linked the course and i had minor deductions for lack of proximity I guess.

On my lead run he was pretty close to me and on our transition into the final sweeper i threw in tons of angle to scrub my speed to make the corner and Mike did the same except he spun behind me and I finished out the run which gave me the win against him.


I was stoked again to have at least 3rd place.

Tim with the SC was my next battle and he led our first run.

top of 3rd into the first corner, he initiates, I initiate...hes on the proper line and I'm understeering into failure!!! On my lead run I tried to make up for it but he had no major corrections and beat me. haha


Heres a video from the entire event. Shows how terrible I was driving, and how different everyone was driving. everyone was running different speeds, lines, transitioning in different areas. everything was chaos lol

really sweet fly by of me at :43




So I finished 3rd at round 2. and i was really stoked. was 3rd in points overall at this point which meant If i kept up this consistency for 3 more rounds I would get a pro license.










Still have rounds 3-5 to add!!



this year was longer than i thought! LOL

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ROUND 3: GGP, Houston

Alright so after round 2 I ordered some more achilles radial 265/35/18s aswell as a pair of 235/40/18s for the front and Cosmis Racing USA accepted me into their wheel support program.

It was the Thursday before the event and I still had no tires. After hours on a phone trying to find where my tires were I found that the freight company that achilles uses to ship the tires had fucked up and my tires were stuck in Atlanta at the shipping dock.

The dock was open 24/7 so when I got off work thursday at 5:30Pm me and a friend drove to the Atlanta dock and picked up my tires. Drove back STRAIGHT to work. no sleep, no shower, no anything.
lol inside the shipping building in atlanta

Friday I worked till 5:30 and mounted all of my tires and balanced my fronts.

Loaded up and slept for like 4 hours then headed for houston early saturday morning.

It rained the entire drive but finally got there and stopped by the track to see if Aaron had setup the course yet. nothing was there haha

Had a bro down with a few other drivers in the parking lot of the holiday inn express and drank some brews and told stories about random stuff. went to sleep real late lol

woke up sunday morning, ate some hotel breakfast and drank like 5 energy dranks and was ready to practice.
Practice was going great, course was 3rd gear entry, then 2nd for a small S shape.

the weather was starting to look like it was going to get SHITTY real fast.

one of my practice runs I threw it into the first corner, clutch in to ebrake, and the engine is bouncing off the rev limiter, so I release the clutch and it just starts roasting the tires at FULL THROTTLE. I reach over and shut the car off mid drift and coast off the course. I look down and a layer of the trans tunnel was folded over my gas pedal, I guess i pushed it down on the first corner and it stayed WOT haha. unbent it and threw some yellow duct tape to make sure my foot didnt catch the layer again. "fixed" that

Started raining during practice, I adjusted tire pressures and felt really confident on the course since the achilles 123S still had tons of amazing grip while everyone else was skating threw the course.

Stopped practice for the drivers meeting and during the meeting it was POURING rain. Everyone including myself was miserable

went out for qualifying in frustrating conditions and heres a video. HAHAHA so embarrassing
at :25 you can see me shaking my head. =[

I didn't qualify after driving like a total assclown. I was super bummed and having a mega sugar crash so what else could i do.


Then I drank 3 40oz gatorades during the competition and nearly passed out.

then drifted some more after the comp was over and was actually killing it. but was too aggressive while following less consistent drivers and this happened after 2 encounters with an s14 and a corolla.

door bar saved my leg from being impaled by a bash bar

and then we drove home and was still super stoked even though I dropped to like 9th in points overall!

5 Flags Speedway: Pensacola, Florida

So after my gatorade rampage after failing at round 3 I replaced some damaged doors in preparation of a local practice event.
"painted" the new to me doors

also used some sweet electric shears and did this to all my doors

drove with some local dudes for a bit, track was really terrible and forced an upshift from 2nd to 3rd mid corner. I shattered a shift fork (3rd/4th) lol

Rebuilt this stupid r154 with all the marlin crawler stuff

Thank god I ordered the billet thrust washer, because this one was somehow magically not exploded completely haha

all done

1/2 shift fork
3/4 shift fork
bearing retainer plate
1st gear thrust washer
oem syncro/bearing overhaul kit

put it in and test drove. felt great.

installed a mishimoto radiator for mx83. it fits GREAT as you can see. *sarcasm*

Ordered some Kendas and had 4 left over 123S from the previous round that I later traded to aaron losey for 4 kendas to be consistent.

ROUND 4: Mineral Wells

Loaded up and rolled out friday afternoon from florida to mineral wells for a 2 day event. (round 4 and mexican standoff)

this was the worst drive to an event ive ever had. tons of accidents on the interstate and tons of rain. took 16 hours for a drive that should have been 12 hours!!
ended up getting lost due to iphone problems. we arrived at our "destination" which was a ranch or some shit that was nothing but cows and hills. luckily we were close to the "mineral wells" airport which we were having the event at.

did tons of drifting saturday morning and loved how long the kendas lasted. at this time i was running 123S up front and kendas for rears.
pretty fun runs with aaron losey in his "missile" car leaving tire marks on my door lol


My friend sean tagged along this time and was a huge help figuring these new tires out.

Had tons of seat time and was throwing it in in 4th gear, down to 3rd, then down to 2nd for the "hot pocket" as everyone called it
heres a vid of that in car footage

some wiring melted that supplied power to my switch panel when my injector resistor box fell down and touched the back of my switch panel on transition into the hot pocket. shut it down and rewired the switch panel and relocated the injector resistor box lol

Went in for qualifying and my runs felt really good. I was really loving the Kendas for rears.
Qualified 3rd which was my best yet!

went into top 16 and had Ryan as my first opponent. it was soooooo hilarious driving with him because he was plowing over cones and clipping points like they werent there. I won that battle

Went into top 8 and went against axle, we had 2 OMT's and the judges decided he would advance. THIS WAS THE MOST INTENSE BATTLE FOR ME ALL YEAR and i cant find any pics/vids of it. FUCK
all I remember is i had great proximity to him for almost the entire course, but fucked up on my entry since his car was slow so our entry speed was like 10mph different than my normal entries. got phazed i guess

I think I finished 5th for this event. still unsure what my place was. but it did bump me back up to 6th overall in the points chase.

vid of entire event from kevin:

vid of entire event from Cinema Toast:

saturday night was a FUCKING CRAZY party. i got super hammered early and passed out in the floor of my car. then managed to find my tent and fell asleep. hahaha

Sunday morning I woke up in my tent alone at the track in only my boxers.

drove the racecar to the store for some breakfast. came back to the track, grabbed my helmet and proceeded to drift all day

I spun out in front of Yokoi the D1GP driver while he was driving Fielding's s14 and he smashed into me pretty good. only real damage was the bash bar and i had a small tear in a coupler (which i just kept driving all day not giving any fucks)
heres the vid for that: haha

afterwards the car looked like this

Still have round 5 to add!!

this year was longer than i thought! LOL

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Did you let the slut keep that sweet prayer rug you got her from Walmart?

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I love the part where we cut wood and pipes and made struts to roll that car onto a trailer.

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Hope you fired the CressidaNation fanboy who crossthreaded all the lug nuts........

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Awesome shit man, I plan on doing USdrift pro am next year in the north east. Good to see your killing it and having fun!

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Just finished updating the OP with round 2 recap.

posting all this shit has got me all amped up for the 2014 season lol


but yeah, austin cutting that wood and fence post to use as struts was sooooo awesome/terrible haha


also posted some more slut pics.


let me know what you dudes think of all this. haha

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Instead of cutting your ARP studs off, you might consider this:

(although you would have to pull them, and hand them over to someone with a lathe)



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Your the one with the moron pit crew, and we see how well they can deal with plain ARP wheel studs.

The stud design I showed makes it almost impossible (even for a moron) to cross thread a lug nut.

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while they were tuning my car on the dyno on the way to round 1, we took 20 tuner style lug nuts and chopped the ends off to make them open ended. which would have worked great...



they were tapered towards the end of the lug nut. so the further you tightened it down, the more it fucked the threads inside.


so it wasn't my crew that cross thread them. it was my lack of time to find low pro open ended lug nuts.

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SOOOO where can I get myself some 123s for the front of my nugget? from what I hear you cant actually buy them unless your on their drivers support

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I havent seen anywhere that sells them outside of the support program in north america.


and actually if you buy them through the support program and have to drive 12 hours to pick your tires up anyways like i did.


next update is going to be round 4. which is when i switched to kendas.


kenda 265/35/18 is 120 each shipped and last 15+ runs a pair

123S 265/35/18 is 130 each shipped, shipping is a nightmare, and last 5 runs a pair MAX


^^ is why i made the switch to kenda.


ALSO I got 2 events on my 123S on the front of my car. alignment was stock toe and -4.8 camber up front.


their so god damn soft!

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achilles is in cali somewhere. the only reason i had to go get the tires was because midway through shipping the company fucked up and the tires were stuck in atlanta. but you have to drive an FD affiliated pro/am to get 123S anyways

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the kenda kaisers up front suck. i had to run low pressures with the kendas up front and it wasn't fun. I'll be running 123S again or nt05 or falken 615k up front for next year. kendas are rad on the rear though.

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yea i ran a few sets of kendas out back and loved them but didnt think they would be any good up front... but look what i found http://www.onlinetires.com/search/vehicle/tires/achilles/6152/all_prices/all_sizes/all_tires/all_speeds/page_1.html if you do the math they come out to $100 a pop... wonder if the can actually get them

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