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MX73 Front Lower Controll Arms

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Our innovative new front control arm design uses two easily replaceable/adjustable heims and massive taper adapter along with a proprietary tension rod to give you a big range of adjustment from stock track width up to +2" (50mm) per side. By going with two heims and a dual position tensions rod, you can maximize wheel clearance to the tension rod and chassis while keeping the tension rod axis of rotation in a reasonable range helping with alignment and Caster. If you’ve ever tried to do cut and welded stock lower arms, you know how bad it gets when the tension rod get off axis. We’ve also included new heim sway bar end links with Urethane bushings along with all the hardware to finish the install.


On our test car we were able to get just over 8 degrees of Camber at full arm extension with coilovers and camber plates. If you think 2” per side isn’t enough track width, just give us a call and we can set you up with the wider X8 arms (+1" more) in an X7 kit, we can also make custom arms in any width you want. Made with a 1" outer heim and 3/4" inner heim coupled together with 1 3/4" .120 wall DOM tubing and Fully TIG welded, we've beat on these arms pretty hard on high speed tracks, dirt drops and road miles with pot holes, just for fun we finished them off a satin nickel plate.


Due to the combinations of steering arms, track width, steering rack and inner tie rods, you will need determine how to appropriately modify your outer tie rod ends/steering. We have a few choices of options to help solve the problem. Our standard version Heim tie rods typically work up to +1.25" track width. The long version will work for +.75" to +2". Both are figured with X7 inner tie rods, X8 inner tie rods are longer and will allow for additional track width while maintaining stock outer tie rods. For specific combinations, please contact us with your details via send us email.


Already have our adjustable front tension rods? We can modify them to work with the new lower arms for $45 and save you $83 off the price of the full arm set. Just send in your XM tension rods, we'll shorten them, align and weld on the new ends then powder coat them black in house for the fastest turn around.

The last picture shows and installation of an MX83 arm set.


Price: $ 425.00/ pair -------------> MX73 Front Lower Controll Arms

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