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JZX90 Cresta Part out 1JZ - Canada - Edmonton

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Bought this car on Sunday when I was in a bind at the track, blew my diff and needed a diff, this car was for sale so I went and picked it up, because I also needed some front suspension parts the I broke hitting the wall the day before.





Parting out JZX90 Cresta 1996 Tourer V










1JZ-GTE - Auto 30,000km on it (sold/pending sale )


Blue Interior


Back left suspension arms are mangled, he hit a curb doing something,


Anyways, right now it's in my garage and so far I'm just gonna be parting the entire car.


Parts that are taken already me:

-Front & rear sub frames

-All suspension arms/components





The rest is up for grabs, located in Edmonton Alberta Canada, would like to sell the 1JZ-GTE Auto locally, or local pick up.


Will start ripping this thing apart this week





shawleymedia (at) g m a i l (dot) com

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Hahaha umm I would but I have no idea when I'll have time to drive down there...... I don't ever get more than one day off at a time from work.


Or how I would do it?




1JZ sold/pending sale with deposit till engine is pulled out

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Parts list below

It's a 1996 JZX90 Toyota Cresta Tourer V

Has something like 30,000km on it +/-

The parts that are not for sale or are already sold are:

-1JZ-GTE with Auto transmission (Sold)

-Wheels (Sold)

-Front/rear sub frames with all suspension/steering components (keeping for spares)

-Front end: head lights, hood, bumper, fenders, support (keeping for spares)

Everything else is for sale right now:

-Factory Aero kit

-Anything from the interior, it is in mint condition

-Sun roof assembly

-Tail lights

-Entire shell/chassis (not rolling)

-Glass from vehicle


-Rear bumper

-Trunk lid

-Interior parts from trunk

-Anything else really

Started taking the car apart last night






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