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The ultimate X-chassis clutch master cylinder data base

Where I came up with my info  

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  1. 1. I got my master cylinder info from:

    • Direct measurement
    • Read it on TC.net
    • Read it on Zilvia
    • Heard it from a buddy who knows a forum master on Honda-Tech
    • Dreamt it after eating bad tacos
    • Don't know, don't care, I run an auto.

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I have that combo in my x8. I modded the pedal so I have more travel because it wasn't engaging and disengaging the clutch very good. It has a lot of play where the shank and pin go. I dont remember it doing anything abnormal...but I have very little mileage on mine

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mkiii pedal, st18x master. angle is shitty causing a slight leak. moving a mounting hole slightly then reinforcing is the answer in the long run, i think.

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