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Guest mista_mr2

JZS147 Drift Limo

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Guest mista_mr2

This is a copy/paste from my post @ clubaristo.net but I thought you guys would appreciate extra sh*t on a 2J


Car: 1992 Toyota Aristo JZS147 3.0V


Engine: 2JZ-GTE




OEM turbos from JZS161 VVTi 2JZ, approx 60,000kms

Water bypass pipe o-rings

turbo oil inlet/outlet gaskets

turbo water inlet/outlet gaskets

PCV Valve

Coil Pack Connectors (they fell to pieces) odd misfire when damp outside

Spark Plug Cover Bolt Set

Timing Belt Idler Pulley


OEM Timing belt

OEM Cam Seals

Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioner

Valve Cover Gasket and Seal Set

Downpipe Gasket

NGK Platinum Spark Plug 7088

Motor mounts from '98 VVTi Supra


Front Main Seal

Valve Cover Ventilation Hoses

5/16 Fuel Return Hose

Water Neck Gasket

Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set


And any other Rubber lines/hoses I can replace while its all out.


Ill edit this post later with part #'s


Got these fresh stock turbos from a local guy doing a JDM swap and going single. so scored these for $150



Turbo #1 was toast!



typical water bypass leak



All bolts off, they won't come off in car, remove the engine, search and read first unlike me... wasted time!











mounts were totally f'd



leaky front main seal made a mess



and they're off



leaky valve covers



The cam seals were cracked, and leaked down the inside of the timing covers, lucky belt didn't get any on it. Put new spark plugs in, gap set @ .028


Hit a roadblock on the bottom timing gear, my puller set doesn't have long enough small metric bolts to thread in, going to fastenal tonight to get some. Need a seal puller for the front main seal too I lost it.


Should hopefully have the timing complete tonight with new belt, tensioner and idler and valve covers installed





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Guest mista_mr2

Got the bolts from brafasco and pulled the bottom timing gear off


Got the front main seal out with a screw driver quite easily and slapped the new one in with some pre-assembly lube






need to get some hoses and vacuum lines replaced prior to torquing the valve covers down while they are easy to access.



eplaced vacuum lines and zip tied them








tried to J B weld it back together.. it held real well, beated it with a hammer and everything... but it cracked again when torquing it down, new one on order 254$ :S :'(




Timing going in




mmm fresh belt looks so nice.. I can see me cropping this pic into an avatar.




Drilled out the front subframe crossmember to accept the 98 supra OEM mounts.




Both the main bolt hole and the dowel need to be expanded





cleaned up the exhaust manifold gasket surfaces





took the brass wire wheel to the coolant bypass, engine mount bracket and wp rear housing.. too bad the turbos will hide it




placed the timing belt service sticker on... used the Japanese one of course!




so slapping the turbos on goes well but the VVTi turbo oil drain pipes are different than non-VVTi... Front turbo (no.1)

the replacement turbos didn't come with a supply/drain line for the rear Turbo (no.2) so sorry I can't compare




stock JZS147 oil lines on bottom, stock JZS161 oil lines on top... Front turbo (no.1)




Using the JZA80 manual to get everything torqued in the right sequence.




And they're on!





Just have to work at plumbing/tieing everything in, testing the actuators and valves while its still accessible and then drop it in the car!

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Guest mista_mr2

small update


coil packs serviced, heat shrinks added and epoxy on visible cracks.. re-wired the harness with new connectors, tape and loom. New valve cover vent tubes as well.





Turbos plumbed in, vacuum lines changed everywhere on engine, some things got shined up with the brass wire wheel.






broke my heater valve removing the engine so I will bypass it for now. New hoses installed on car side so when I decide to get a new one the hoses are ready.





Today or tomorrow the moulded oil cooler hose should arrive from toyota... then the engine can go back in!


open drift track day Aug 6th, Shannonville... deadline nearing.

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Guest mista_mr2

finishing the engine bay prep..




Dropped in




supporting the tranny to line things up




installed driveshaft




new tranny mount



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Guest mista_mr2

Well I made it!


The motor was in and complete 10pm sunday night (aug 5th), made it to the track at 3am!


Went out for 7 runs at about 2-3 laps each, managed to get the tires roasting a bit despite the parallel turbo operation (busted a VSV).


Last run the rad cracked on the top tank and ended the day around 130pm. I was still having overheating issue prior - due to not having the vacuum bleeder to suck the air out, live and learn dumbass!


Mishimoto supra mk4 3-core rad on order.


for now some stuff from the track






photobucket sucks you cant watch the movie from the forum you will get re-directed. from there you can see some other footage from the track too

...yes i come off the track second lap, im still picking mud and grass out from underneath, lucky i didn't f*ck the rims

...the beeping is a mis-configured rev/speed display


have a laugh! Goo Autoristo!!!



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Guest mista_mr2

I see Shannonville, what event was that for?


TOPP / Shannonville sponsored 'open drift day' - check the shannonville website.


(trick'd out performance parts)


Next one is Sept 3rd. $85 driver $10 spectator, spectators can ride passenger on track for free. Helmets required.


Come check it out!

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Guest zOmBiEsTyLe

Ahh nice, i might make it out to the sept 3rd one, finishing the wiring on my car now so i can shakedown the bugs on the 3rd. Then im gonna try and go to Club Loose Freedom Moves on the 7th

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Guest mista_mr2

My headgasket is f*cked so I wont be tracking it.. ill stop by and watch tho!


I'm moving my other topic into this one going forward I will put all my sh*t in here.

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Guest mista_mr2

So in anticipation of the new rad showing up, I started removing the front bumper and test fitting my new cooler arrangements.


Pulled the bumper cover off to find a smashed steel bumper







So did the ol' redneck and chained her up to the truck




managed to pull it pretty damn straight, but the bumper is toast, next time it gets hit the front end's caving in! will replace it this winter, fuggit for now.




and the passenger fender was pushed in a bit, here's a view from the inside... note the bumper bolts are too close to the body to get a socket in there... had to crowbar the fender out a bit to get access.. slut!!




Tranny cooler, removed the vertical support bracket, power steering cooler, deleted the hydrofan cooler (might use this to upgrade the PS cooler)




front mount intercooler




testing bumper fitment






You can see its just about an inch too low, I'll have to massage it in and make a shroud for the bottom from a crazy carpet or something.




started mocking up the intakes, gonna try and hardpipe it all if i can... got everything in just need 2 90's and a few straight lengths, couplers clamps and done... well gotta make brackets for the coolers..




More to come... waiting for the rad.

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Guest mista_mr2

well it showed up friday so I had my work cut out for the weekend



mount old fans... yes i know ruining the new rad with the zip clips... broke right now .. shroud later



drilling out the pinch welds for the rad mounts.. starting with a center punch, then really small bit, larger bit, larger bit... until the stepper fits in then home run




until the stepper fits in then home run






dropped the rad in place, it rests perfectly where the subframe supports, used cardboard to level it up




took the existing brackets and cut them up to fit






tack in place, (while the rad is sitting in the mount of course)




weld the rest, my welds are shit I know... garage barely has enough amps to run the mig and I'm still a newb at it... good enough for now they hold.




lather, rinse repeat for the other side... then some tremclad spray to seal it up




mounted the tranny/PS cooler to the AC condenser




ol ziptie trick... i was getting lazy after midnight




power steering.. just cut the existing lines short and slap them on the new cooler




ran out of hardpipes, so I decided to hack up the long one that used to go around the bumper..




hell ya!



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Guest mista_mr2

So drove home from work on friday and came out of a lot that was a bit steep and scraped......


drove down the road and heard a dinging sound... so I look in my mirror to see my intercooler core on the ground, cars dodging it... oooh ff**ckkk


so kijiji that night $150 got setup with a 8"tall x 28" wide, 3.5" deep ic, with 2.5" inlet/outlets.... so slapped it in on this weekend. The outlets are also on the side so I'll be able to wrap the pipes around the frame instead of under.... (which is why the last ic was mounted low)


chop the bumper for clearance









took some aluminium strips, bent them up and pop-rivet into place







runs good now, and no worries bottoming it out.


This IC screammmms!!

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Guest mista_mr2

Picked up a few things on the weekend...








Getting closer....


got an R154 from a JZX90 !




picked up a spare 2jz motor (no turbos) for $400 so i will replace the engine for now instead of rebuilding to solve my head gasket issue.

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Guest mista_mr2

i pulled it out of the jzx90 myself





perhaps it was not the original tranny. what would you be suggesting its from, soarer?

it has the electronic speed sensor.


apparantly 1st is blown so i will be re-building it and beefing it up a bit.


parts supplier recommendation? (other than toyota or driftmotion)

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Could've been. I always wondered if first couple years had the normal style since i think 95 was the first year of tripod in the sc. I believe Gordon had said a guy on eBay sold a quality kit with the jaP made bearings.

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Guest mista_mr2

So picked this up for $400


I'm confident its from an aristo judging by the oil pan.

No turbos, pulleys are all f'd / bent up, missing traction tps and servo, no startericon_sad.gif ..theres a timing sticker for 100k kms and judging by the oil seepage everywhere its probably closer to 200k....

complete harness, injectors, coils

not too shabby though.

they said it fell around inside the shipping container and a forklift f*k up so the shop sold parts off it then got stuck because his main clientele needs complete swaps. Score!

Leak-down and compression tests to come to make sure its worth swapping... or if its a tear down rebuild. I need to be ready by April!!!


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Guest mista_mr2

So 3 guys, 3 hours ..


Originally took the spark plug valley cover off to see the condition of the coils.. well the wires were all f'd and the coils were loose and shoved in wrong....

So I got this gut feeling that this motor might be more f'd than I was led on to believe... so we began tearing it down....

and lucky me another toyota engine with a failed head gasket... apparently its my destiny... 3 for 3 ! That's a hat trick do I get a prize?



The gut was right. FML.


The cylinder walls, pistons and combustion chambers/valves all looked fine so hopefully a clean-up with some new rings, fresh valve guides, seals and some decking, cylinder honing and get er back together...

Ill tear the bottom end down on the weekend and see what other cans of worms I can open!

Still $400 is not bad....

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Guest mista_mr2

broken alternator mounting tab .. urgh

bottom rotating assembly seems fine, spins nice....but final teardown and look at the journals will tell the real story.

Looking at the timing covers - the plastic mounting tabs were warped so there is signs of extreme over heating.. gotta pray the gasket is what let go and not a crack in the head

Got Milk ?





She's freezzing!


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Guest mista_mr2

so bad news...




seized rings..


everything looks repairable the worst spot on the crank is rod 1


and rod 5


... a good polishing should save the crank? it doesn't look too bad.

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