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Guest Andrew

Desert ratt rodd 3000

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So i'm pretty close to finishing up my wiring but i cant find where to power my injectors and coils and thanks to the photo bucket bull shit im having trouble searching the inter webs.


plus this harness i got with my jzx100 motor was already kind of chopped up and janky.


Ive narrowed it down to where i think i need to be. I've found this part of the harness next to the intake manifold that looks like a plug is missing, which i think is the blue 12 pin connector i'm searching for.


35929850176_15a76e048b_z.jpgUntitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr


its in the same string of wires that also has the Igniter plug.


35929850676_a7a2bd6b8d_z.jpgUntitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr


My question is if this is the blue 12 pin plug that has coil and injector wires with it, does anyone have a pin out of this plug or know which wires are which?


i'm guessing the two thick black and red wires that are twisted together? and just power them separately through the B1 plug? HALP.


35971150045_2c4f7d2637_z.jpgUntitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr


Paging kyle!

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Sooo stopped pussy footing and pulled out the multi meter and figured things out. Turned out the previous owner kind of did some weird (from what i can see) things made the coils, igniter and injectors run on one wire which i assume should be fine since the UZ is that way stock just took me a while to identify shit without plugs being there.


Anyway those wires i pictured ended up not being what i thought, solid black is actually starter signal so that makes things easier.

Now its just matching things up soldering, looming and trying to make things "pretty".


Excuse my ranty rant post.


Photo of when the car was running so this post i'snt just words.


some smoke, some dirt.


29724527721_e1e4d62c0b_z.jpgUntitled by profilebmx18, on Flickr


Mostly dirt.

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