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Guest Andrew

Desert ratt rodd 3000

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Yay for reliable drift cars.


I was running the master that came with it but every time it would build pressure it would fail and it would pull in air from somwhere.

whatever its my fault for buying the cheapest one i could find on Ebay. ill probably just buy a will wood one. ive never heard anything bad about ebay hand brakes i probably just bought a defective one.


The lip was a quick fix its better than nothing, but i refuse to buy anything other than a chaser, markii, cresta front bumper.

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I know it's considered an abomination but I was about to do the accord bumper on my gold cressida before I traded it with a good friend.




He's keen on doing it so I'll help him when he gets it in.

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The accord bumper actually doesn't look that bad, if only it was a little more square in the corners.

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I like that, (better than the stock bumper), its atleast 6" shorter. And that intercooler is about the same size as mine, and I dont hate the way that looks. I just wish the corners would tuck up to the lights a but more.

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yeah the accord bumper really crossed my mind after seeing this.




i'm so on the fence About it.


i was also looking at G20 bumpers




ill have to go to the junk yard and see what works i'm hoping the g20 bumper magically works out. blah blah blah.

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im drunk and wasnt going to post these stupid bumpers but fuck it.



infinity q20 mock up only.....











really does not seem worth the trouble.


accord half ass pisssed off junk yard mock up.....






over it ill just keep stock park bench bumper......






suns coming up im going to fucking bed......

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i had a chance to get a perfect ES250 bumper, but still suffers from the same stiff upper lip. so stock park bench is still here to stay.


wish the G20 fit better. the center grill opening is nice.

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Some of the 90s Corolla have gx81 or aus spec 83 looking bumper covers, but don't know how much difference in width there is between them and x8

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Haven't made an update in a while so i figured it was a good time since i've actually been doing things to this car.


Been having fun driving an beating the crap out if it.










Decided to do some Angle/ suspension mods to the car to try and band aid my shitty driving.


X7 rack, Here is a comparison of the X7 rack(black) and the x8 rack (silver)

ended up swapping the inner tie rods for more length.




First cut up some knuckles trying to get zero ackerman and get them as short as i can without messing things up.








Extended LCA's an inch and a half.

plated on the inside where the tie rod hits so it doesn't lose any angle, platted on the outside on the opposite side along with lower gusset.






My final fancy angle "kit"

tried using is300 tie rods but they ended up being a tad to short.




ended up using ls400 tie rods, they were a tad to long so i trimmed each one a half inch as well as the inner tie rods for a perfect fit.


A comparison of the tie rods before trimming, ls400, is300, stock x8




Then tried to make it look pretty.

Picked up a used serial nine series 2 bumper from a buddy, it was a bit beat up and needed fiber glass so i decided to cut it up a little too.

Took out the center supports.


Oh also cut more holes in my hood.






Also picked up some used beat up is300 vertex rep skirts for cheap.






Then went to work and practiced my fiberglass/bondo.

fixed up the bumper, hood and skirts.









As you can see i had some fender work cut out for me due to the extended LCA's and 0 offset wheels.



Then bought this sheet of aluminium to try my hand at making "cool" things.




Side skirts installed and the beginning of a make shift diffuser.


I made about 15 templates trying to get the right shape and design that i liked.

Lots of hammering/bending and test fitting to try and get it to the right shape of the body.








Didn't take a lot of pictures of putting it together it was a lot of frustrated cutting, grinding and test fitting.

My garage floor looked like a disco fever night floor with all the aluminium flakes.


Here is the the complete design put together. before the final sand/paint.

upside down.




Diffuser mounted on the car with Riv-nuts, button head bolts and aluminum L brackets.

I like the way it turned out and it ties in with my Aero plans.

Made more sense to me then spending $400 plus on a fiberglass bumper that's probably just going to get messed up.





The serial nine bumper didn't exactly go with my half ass "AERO" idea so i traded it for a Chaser bumper i think a GX81.

used to be the bumper of Brian's old car. it was blue but i didnt bother taking pictures before i started sanding.

Also cut out the license plate mount, trimmed it up and made it nice and smooth.















Painted the bumper and the new lower lip.






then started working on the front fenders.

lots of ball peen hammer and body dolly action.

still need to fine tune and do body work but this is pretty much the final shape.







Angle from the kit i installed.


Tie rod hits LCA's.


Not the best but better than stock and im happy with it for now.








Bought a new ebrake since my ebay one was just total shit and it bugged me constantly, also installed a braided -3an line to replace my hard line.

And bought a sparco seat, as well as made my own mounting bracket with a shitty flux core welder since my welder ran out of gas and i was impatient.










Has different master cylinder, Picture was from from the site because i didn't take pictures before i installed it.








made a bracket for it to be close to myself and the seat.













So anyways this is how it sits for now.

It desperately needs body work and paint, but i like it.


just needs a couple rough edges smoothed out and it will be track/ cruise worthy again.

Sorry for the shitty i phone pictures it looks better in person.



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Lots of work :)

But you may want to keep an eye on that e-brake mount, I doubt if 1/8" aluminum is going to stand up, unless you weld in a bunch of gussets underneath.


Who's the cool cat ?

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Would have been one of the best looking uses of the s9 v2 bumper. That being said, I agree gx bumper looks better. This is good shit.

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Yeah the Ebrake mount flex's slightly when i pull on it hard enough but not enough to bug me unless it breaks.

i still have the template for it so if it breaks ill just make some out of steel, or just redesign it.


Haha Gordo, thats my cat Coco i think she has sat/ slept in that sparco more than i have.


I definitely wanted to keep the S9 bumper because of all the work i put into it but it was to wide and bulky and threw off everything else.

looked good by itself though!

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Took some better pictures.












forgot to say i painted my side moldings gray.

Been playing with stock bumper supports to try and get the front and rear bumper to fit better.

I really just need to build tube bumpers and mount them how i want and have jack points.


Cars super dirty and kind of a crazy mess still kinda putting everything together and testing things.

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I like the way the side plates go up to the rear quarters, that's actually functional when sliding sideways, or in my case, trying not to on a high speed sweeper.

A diffuser doesn't do shit unless it mates up with a full under pan, just bling.

But those side plates do.

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That diffuser is killer!


Also question, which inner tie rods did you end up using with the LS400 outers? I really need to get some outers that are shaped like that because I occasionally have wheel to tie rod contact with my ae92 inners/stock straight outers.

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what happen to the front aero you had?

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I love this.

I want that that diffuser.You should make copies and sell them for lazy useless twitts like me.

Awesome work man.

I never like side moldings but they actually look good on your car when painted like that

I like gx81 bumper but you should keep s9 bumper on the side for emergency reserves.

Killer work on the fenders man.looking forward to seeing more progress on this beast.

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Tuner4life i ended up using the X8 inner tie rods on the X7 rack and trimmed off about a quarter inch on both sides so they would thread in all the way of the ls400 tie rods.


Gibbs i straight traded it for the Chaser bumper.


Tbone thanks man, guess i could since i still have the templates but its kinda a pain since i assembled it on the car so i wouldn't have any fitment problems.

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