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Out with the old Chaser, in with the new Chaser build

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Well got some work done on the car,


The two LS1's in my garage haha




Took the mocked up mounts to my friend Conroy's place to have welded up




Then took home and put in, due to the angles we needed to make them in 2 parts, not too pretty but they work!






And now the motor sits on it's own!



Transmission mount is partly done, just need some more metal to finnish cross bar then we'll get it welded up!

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will there be enough room for the headers to clear the steering shaft?



the rest looks good Shawn!

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Mats, there will be enough room but we'll have to do some modifying to make some custom headers/manifolds!


ChubbyChaser, I'll try to keep as much posted as I can


My Vertex Kit came in!! No issues with shipping this year, using side skirts from my blue Chaser, just ordered bumpers this year.




And started some work on the transmission tunnel last night, as we needed to cut out alot of it.




This weekend we will finish up the transmission mount, hopefully get the heater core back in along with the dash so I can start wiring the vehicle up, and then pull the motor to paint the mounts and put the Clutch in next week.

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You need defrost/defogger up here, and it's still gonna be registered and driven on the streets so that will be good to have

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Well spent the last to days workin on the car.


Got a universal T56 mount that we made a cross member for





Had my roommate weld it up



Final product







Riveted in the transmission tunnel and painted it



Took the factory air box and took out everything but the heater core and sealed it so it only blows air to the defrost/defog



Tons of stuff out it, made it about 40% to 50% lighter!!



Put the air box back in with the dash bar



Took out a ton of stuff from the factory dash that was not needed anymore!



Put the dash back in





And then worked on the day going through my damn Painless kit, and started running lines for this



Now I need to finish up the wiring, finish up the transmission tunnel around the shifter once I get the shifter installed.


Then my Clutch gets in from Clutch Masters today or tomorrow, so I'll pull the motor set out to install that, my new slave cylinder, clutch line, and paint the motor and transmission mounts.

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Mat's it was a 12 circuit GM non colum kit??? The part number I don't know off the top of my head, but no it doesn't have everything. I still need to add a relay for fuel pump, but the trigger comes out of my ECU so thats easy. And then I need to wire my own front power windows, and run a couple lines for other things. But I'm actually good at wiring and can add the extra circuits that I need no issues. I'm also gonn have a full stereo in it, working signals (kit does have that), probably some strobes and a couple other things.


Once I get the wiring more less done or my diagrams for what switches I'm reusing or need I can post it up what else was needed, also if you are keeping your factory collum in your car, I have it pinned out for what each (most) pins do so you can keep that working for ignition, lights, signals, wiper, etc.

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I'm taking everything out of the car and want to start from scratch. This is the kit i was thinking about. http://www.jegs.com/i/ARC-Auto-Rod-Controls/116/8000D/10002/-1?parentProductId=757613#moreDetails



Also i don't have any power windows, etc. All i need is wipers ( 2 speed) hazards, lights (hi & low) brake lights and engine stuff. Will this kit work?

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Umm that should work in your car Mats, but I perfer the painless kits,



And I don't crash?????....................ummmmmmmmmmm.........It should be fine, on my blue car it was cut out and welded in on the top. I've looked at where we made it, and it should be fine.

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what does painless have over the ARC kit that you prefer the painless? Just trying to find out before i order my kit.

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New clutch came in last week from Clutch Masters!! Same one Odi Bakchis was running for the 2011 FD Season.




Got my new drive shaft made up




Fits great!




Now time to get back to wiring, picked up some braided loom to make it look a little better $60 for 75' of it




Have my run going to the rear, I also ran an extra line for fuel pump and 4 spare lines if I ever need them




Ran through the fire wall in the fender well then up through the fender frame




Kept the wire nice and out of the way of the tires




Wired up to the factory plugs for headlights/signals/parklights, and also ran 4 spare lines for anything else I add




Time to wire up the factory plugs to the painless! Keping it working off the key for start, and the factory light switch




Brake switch, ignition, then light switch plugs




Run through the dash




And plug into the factory plugs!




Next up is going to be pull the motor/trans out again, paint the mounts we built, and put the clutch in

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love that braided loom stuff. clean and functional.


and i dunno if i'm just retarded but that tag saying your shaft isn't lubricated had me chuckling lol.

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Alrighty so been busy with work and shit, and we had our motor show this weekend I had to work at, they had BRZ but no FRS!!!


But finally got the motor out again



Pulled out the factory clutch that is still looking good, should just sell it haha



Put my Clutch Masters one in after taking 3+ hours to get the damn pilot bearing out!!!!!



While the motor was out I painted my mounts



New Cltuch slave with a remote bleeder



Boom it fit back in! and sits on the ground!!



Did some test fitting with my Mishimoto Radiator but I got lazy and didn't make any mounts



Decided to test fit the hood and my Vertex bumper



Motor Clears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No cutting my hood up



Next up is finish wiring the rear of the car for tail lights now that I can open the trunk as I can roll it around. Then probably put my shifter back in, and start building a dash panel for my deck/gauges/switches/lights etc and then my main cluster panel too. maybe I should order gauges first!

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Alrighty so I went off snowboarding again, but gotta have fun in the winter, ended up catching a pow day at Panorama and hiked the Tatyon bowl all day, was sick! Great last ride of the year for me.




But on the way down stopped in Calgary and met up with Hogg to buy some angle parts off him and while we were eating in walks Alex Lee, turns out his shop was around the corner from where we were and we went to check out his 2012 Formula D build, looks good. He won't be out at Long Beach but will be at Road Atlanta.




Got back and did some wiring in my trunk, got everything set up for my tail lights to my painless kit, tried to make it look all nice!






My friend started making the finishing part of my transmission tunnel. Keep in mind we don't really know what were doing with metal work, our first time really playing with it. Not sure if I'm gonna keep it or rebuild it again, we'll see.




Built my switch panel and drank beer




And of course green beer on Saturday night, that made Sunday really slow going




Started making up the mounts for the radiator, was slow going all day.




Finally got them done and all mounted, just need to take them off and paint, then it's good to go



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Guest Gaijin Smash Wayhoff

Canada's going NASCAR style too... I used to be able to root for Alex.. At least it's still a 4 door. Not right now, but I assume eventually...

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its called being competitive in north america.


keep up the good work shawn.

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Guest zOmBiEsTyLe

Love this build!!! I think I may have missed it, but are you keeping the stock manifolds on or making custom? debating on making headers for mine as it seems to come really really close to the steering column, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

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Thanks guys! The factory ones will not fit on the driver side at all, fits fine on passenger, but then I tried some CTS-V factory manifolds and I would have to cut and re weld the cast to get around the steering as it's close to hit.


I'm going for custom headers, I have a guy who makes custom hot rod headers, sled/quad headers, and Harley pipes that's gonna make them next week. I drop the car off Monday! It's gonna cost some money but will be worth it!

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Guest zOmBiEsTyLe

ah k that's what I thought. no matter how I looked at mine, I couldn't see a way around it. btw whenever you get a chance think you could post up your painless pinouts? pretty please?

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