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Out with the old Chaser, in with the new Chaser build

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So I just spent the last almost 2 weeks in BC,


Unloaded my car in Penticton and had to take it to the beach with the tubes for floating down the channel,




Did some drifting




Door bashing





More drifting




Another Podium!!!!!!!! 3RD Place and $500 cash




And drove home




Also jumped some golf carts, did some boating, wakeboarding, lots of drinking, went to an American Wal-Mart and spent $200 on booze, was a good time!

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Alright, so after fucking my car up in August last year, I didn't wanna post anymore photos because it looked like shit, all dented and fucked on the driver side.


Here it is in my garage with my friends X100 I have there for winter storage, sitting on some Volks for winter storage.




I hammered out the dent a little bit, but wasn't that fixed




So I picked up a Port O Power hydralic press or whatever ya wanna call it, and pushed out the B-pillar with it




My buddy Gary did a little hammering on the door from the wheel mark




And this was the end result





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Good as new. Do it again. It's a drift car, not supposed to be perfect.

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Tire/wheel marks down the side adds class.

Kind of a warning to others, to get the fuck out of the way.

Hope you are not going to remove them.

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