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Got my block assembled for the most part..



I'm currently porting and polishing the head. Just removing flash casting and bringing the combustion chambers to a mirror finish to prevent carbon and hot spots from happening. Going to cc balance each of them.

I got a powder coating rig from eastwood. Now that I have it, I just want to powered coat everything. Also as you can see.. I have an obsession with gold..


I'm on a hacked ramen diet, because I need more car parts.

Shlammed sold me his z32 brakes. I think I'm going to powder coat them when I get some time.. I was to lazy to go take a picture, so I figured I'd recycle his picture.

Trying to decide if this intake will be worth it.



There are two aftermarket intake designs that I know of, the shit ebay one and this one.. I'de really like to know the gains on using them. I'm currently leaning to running my oem intake for now, so I can afford shlammed's ross balancer. I'de also like other peoples opinions on the aero... I wanted it for so long... now I have it, but I'm 30 years old now, and after one year, it's already lost its appeal and I'm missing the sleeper look of the jzx81 oem bumpers. I can also lower my car and not have to worry about scraping the kit up. I also sold my HY35 and opted for an HE351cw, my reasoning was simple.. the he351 is supposed to boost just as quick but flows much better, I didnt want to go the hx35/40 route because I wanted quick spool, cheap and robust. I can easily find another holset to replace this one if I have to. Mine is currently torn apart for rebuild and powder coating. I also got some new 550cc bosch ev14 top feed injectors flow matched by performance injection, which im pretty stoked about. Having a heated garage for once really helps with progress..

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nothing wrong with the factory intake manifold. why not put your car together and use it then upgrade the upgrades. youre doing what most do and keep prolonging the build with more parts that never get used and have a glorified dumpster.


have you thought of other colours/shades to break up all that....barf inducing gold. like....gold is fine, but you have painted everything gold..theres no break in it...just powder coat everything gold and commit to it.


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Only the things pictured above are going to be gold, engine bay, hoses/fittings and tanks will all be black, and some polished aluminum pieces as well. The idea is for the engine to pop out at you. Yeah i think i'll hold off on the intake for now. I was driving the car up until winter, and I plan to have it back on the road in the spring. But yes some serious gold member vibes hah.

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Like B.A said don't waste money on an intake. The stock ones work fine up to 600ish up.

Damn that's a fuck ton of gold.

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Polishing combustion chambers & pistons won't keep carbon from happening.

Old wives tale.

It helps with flow, and a little heat rejection, but that's about it.

Race engines that are taken apart all the time, and cleaned acn benefit, but not really a street engine.

Haven't seen and engine with polished parts that didn't have carbon starting to form after an hour or two of run time.


But if it makes you feel good...

And that type of work is a whole lot easier if you buy a die grinder, had drills are too bulky, heavy, and turn too slow.

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Motor would pop with just gold covers and a few other bits. You've done the block, head, covers, pack covers, intake and those other misc covered bits. It's too much imo. I'd have done the block and head in bright silver and then the pack cover black with gold flake. That way it all pops because it's clean and fresh and the gold still is your main colour. That way it's not over powering. Think of a person wearing had to toe all over print for example. That's just my opinion for visual stuff. We all have our own visions. Keep doing you man.


I'd just change the idea from doing the head silver Vs gold and then you don't have to redo anything. And the stock intake.

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