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Anyone tried to adapt Tilton or quatermaster clutch ?

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Hmmm, couple days ago I was caught by this vid:


Here is his car project page:



And couple vids:



To cut story short:

That guys name is Juha Rintanen. He started with SR20 in his S14 and moved to 2JZ. Loved it ever since.

As always, there is one huge BUT:

He went to US for a year and during that time broke a number of R154 boxes. Like too much for ones liking!!!

What he did in the end is he went with most expensive option - OS GIKEN OS-88 sequential gearbox.

That one box alone is like 10k+ usd.


So I was thining out my options how to get a more durable driveline for 1j/2j.

Considering both v160 and r154.

There was one thing that I thought could be done. Where I'm stationed right now its very hard to get R154 or V160.

And RB25/RB26 4WD boxes are plenty and pretty cheap. Like under 800USD/box if bought from wreckers.

Can be found cheaper if bought from some nissan guys.

More searching and NZ guys have done smth like that already:


Converting a nissan box to suit 1jz/2jz. Use AT bellhousing from 1jz and weld it on rb box.

Flywheel would be a custom job. And we could use aftermarket RB clutch.


But I went a bit further. And thought about adapting a US made multiplate clutch.

Smth like Tilton or Quatermaster or smth else.

Get a flywheel for 2jz from say here:


Or even try to adopt a AT flexiplate. Get a 7.25size clutch.

Change clutch disk center spline section to nissan 24x1 or just get a nissan disks from tilton or other.

Use a hydralic clutch slave cylinder. Or remain with a factory nissan fork or smth.


That way you would have a pretty descent gearbox that is pretty robust and has a better shifting feel than Toyota R154. And have the option of changing the gearbox in case of gearbox death.

Another thing is, there are a lot of aftermarket gearsets available for nissan big case gearbox and even a Ikeya sequential shifter is also made for RB box.


What do you guys think ? Wanna speculate a bit about that ??


And question to all R154 users: Any gearbox kill stories ? Or headaches ?

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After drifting my r154 2 -4 times a week for the last two monthes, it crunches into second, always. I hate it. Not to mention the fucking stupid amount of shifter play. But, if i switch it up, im going v161. Nearly indestructable, and costs about 2 grand for the swap minus clutch if you save up and wait for cheap parts

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I just picked up my r154 so I can't offer up any good experience. Adapting an RB box sounds pretty awesome. I'm interested to know what clutches most of the jzxp members use with their r154s?

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I had an ORC twin plate in my Soarer along with the r154. It never skipped a beat, and I was extremely hard on it. Buying a new ORC is expensive but worth it in my opinion. And you wont have to piss about trying to make something work.

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