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The great trans debate.. and ABS too..

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Before i say anything let it be stated that i have done extensive searching.. both here and other sites.. Even followed a link to club lexus... waste of my life!! those guys are gayer than justin bieber!


so lets begin..


i am now doing a 5mt swap on my kouki x83. Obviously i want a GETRAG 6 speed. but short of stealing a supra or buying a grossly overpriced complete swap i am almost out of options there (tho considered stealing a supra.. haha)


I searched high and low and i guess within about 100miles of me is zero R154 trannys... or i buy a 1j swap... no thanks


Currently I have a 2j single turbo and going to do some hard driving/ alot of drifting. right now i have a shot at a mkiv NA w58 w/ extended shifter that i have to change... heres where the debate begins..


I am considering the w series (there gonna throw in a 1j flywheel and a OS giken supersingle)


Since I have never used a w58 and most people have been saying they are GARBAGE.. My issue is.. do i let my car sit unfinished till i can get a r154? or is this piglet w58 gonna last me a season/ until i source better... is it worth the money to run it for now?


thanks to the "W-series Tech" thread i see what options of shifter/chassis i can get parts from and i decent idea of what people think of w series on certain engines.





Thanks to the "ABS DELETE" thread there has been alot of talk about ABS delete options aswell. People say you need new master and prop valve, new prop valve and stock master, stock prop valve and new master....


heres my thinking.. the vac booster and master were designed for pedal throw and overall initial pressure for the chassis.. it is the proportioned through the abs module/pump/ and prop valve. so. considering everyones different opinions and different car/engine/brake/driving style/ and purpose i have decided to try something new


**considering my setup/driving** im thinking of using the stock vac booster and master cyl. i have Z32 brakes all around with ss lines. im going to try running the lines right from the master to a prop valve from another car that is ABS free and designed as "performance" brake system... aka from either a Z32 or an FD3S..they should have the same fittings but a much more performance minded proportioning...

*side note* i will be running a hydro e-brake also




let the opinions/ debate begin..

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I want a VS160 or 161 too. Costs more than my car + engine though. My r154 was hard enough to come by at the price I paid for it. w58 shifts smoother but that's because it has wet turds in the case instead of gears.


I kept ABS out of sheer laziness, I have 26mm aluminum Z32 calipers. I might remove it when the engine comes back out. I just don't care atm. I hate ABS though. In almost every car I have driven the system was fucked and not working for one reason or another. huge PITA to service compared to regular brakes for not much of a benefit. been driving long enough to be able to pump the brakes without thinking and feel what the car is doing better than slamming the pedal to the floor and praying.


Z32 master is an upgrade on 240's with upgraded brakes all around, don't know that it's necessary on an X but I've never heard of anyone messing with it.

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Why not get an adjustable proportioning valve so you only have to change stuf once?

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