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Aussie Drifter

(AUS) NEW MX83, JZX81, GX81 & Crestar Body Kit's

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Hi All


I now have a full set of moulds for Tezuka's Kit off his famous JZX81. Destructive King front + Hippo Sleek sides/rear = Dart Izumi kit


ALL DETAILS ON WEBSITE! www.missilemotorsport.com


This is a direct bolt on to:

- MX83 Cressida

- JZX81 Chaser / Mark II

- GX81

- Crestar


(If there are any others please let me know and I will add them)



Full Kit: $1100


Front Bar: $450

Rear Bar: $450

Side Skirts: $300


Kit Construction and Quality

All kits of the highest quality and are constructed with street use in mind, consisting of a single layer of 600gsm chop matt with an additional layer on all flanges and load / bump areas. Kits can be made to your specs if required, any additional cost in materials or labour will be passed on to you. (E.g. Light Weight for drift / Race applications. 450gsm matt will be same cost as above)


Payment Methods

- Direct Deposit

- Pay Pall



I use TNT express for all transport needs. The Cost of transport will be passed on to you. Please contact me if you would like a Quote.


International Transport

At this point I have not found an economical method of sending the kit over seas.

I am currently looking into this atm.


Ordering and Payment

When ordering please email me at adam@missilemotorsport.com and request a invoice order number. This will be your Funds transfer identification.


Please include in your email: (All details will be kept confidential)


- First Name:

- Last Name:

- Email Address:

- Contact Phone Number:

- Postal address:

- Delivery Address:

- What items you are chasing and QTY:

- Any special requirements:


Once I have received your order I will send you a conformation email to the supplied address along with all details you will require.


Prior to starting construction of your kit I require a $100 deposit for each item being made $300 for full kit. Once funds are received a conformation email will be sent to you.


Once the items are ready to be shipped I will send an invoice as a request for payment detailing deposit already paid, shipping cost and amount owing. Full payment including shipping MUST be received prior to the parts being dispatched.


A copy of the invoice reflecting full payment will be included with the parts as well as a copy emailed to you.



Once full payment is received I will dispatch the parts and supply you with a Tracking Number.


Any questions please contact me on the details below.



Adam Flanigan

M: 0428519616

E: adam@missilemotorsport.com

W: www.missilemotorsport.com

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is it the destruction king front bumper with hippo-sleek sides? that is tezuka style



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Destructive King front + Hippo Sleek sides/rear = Dart Izumi kit


absolutely true, the dart izumi shop was selling it as a pieced together full setup, but the parts were originally formed from hippo-sleek and destruction king kits. i didn't mean it was the brand 'tezuka style' i mean't that is tezuka's style. he always rocked that setup after D1 started. before that he ran full destruction king as far as i know.


would be ultra rad if you were closer and i didn't already have a deposit on other aero.

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Keep us updated on shipping to Ireland please. Great to know this kit can be got new!


Will this be something you can supply on an ongoing basis? (I guess not ex-stock but produced to order?)

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Yes this kit will be available from now on. (Yes produced to order)


Send me an email at: missilemotorsport@bigpond.com with your delivery details and i will try and get you a quote.



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I need that spoiler and hood. Window spoiler also wanted!! Can anyone help me out??

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The rear spoiler was never molded i did not take it off my car to get molded as i was happy for people to have the body kit but did not want every to have the rear wing :P as for bonnet his currently repairing it but i dont think there is enough people to put it into production


had roof wing but it broken and now i cant find it and sort of over getting one

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If u can get enough ppl to cover the costs of the moulds I will do the bonnet. The tooling will be around $2000 as I will have to do 2 seperat moulds.


Boot lip I was thinking of designing my owne. Or get a big win one and copy it.

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