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FS/FT: 1.5JZ 400+hp Motorset

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I literally just bought this; but during my trek across country, I've already had multiple things come up that I failed to for see. In light of everything that has happened, I think it would be best for me to put this up for sale. The only thing I'd trade for is a solid, reliable DD.


(And before people ask, as they surely did on other forums, I am selling because while moving across country, I spent much more than I had budgeted. I was stuck in Amarillo, TX during that horrendous blizzard and was forced to shell out 3 extra nights in a hotel room. I paid over $200 to change my various reservations in Vegas. Lastly, my S13 had a cracked RLCA and as a result of some hard driving and added pressure on the suspension, I broke a tension arm. I was rapidly trying to fix the arm so I could tow the car with me to California but was unable to get it fixed due to a bull**** balljoint that I simply couldn't break lose. I decided to leave the car in Georgia and have it fixed by individuals I know and trust rather than bring it to California, the land of parts being stolen, to have it fixed in the first shop I could find. As a result, I will be forking over $1100 to have it shipped to me after it's fixed. All the while, I am saving money for a wedding. Things happen and priorities are forced to change.)


Anyways....the old for sale thread from miles


1995 SC300 bottom end with about 80k miles on it

Brand new headgasket/studs

1jz head

440cc injectors

DriftMotion .57 trim turbo kit

R33 GTR front mount intercooler w/ piping and DriftMotion "Tial" style BOV

Brand new rear main/front main/cam seals/timing belt

New Flywheel/ ACT 6-puck clutch for R154 w/ARP flywheel bolts installed (also includes release bearing)

DM waterpump/alternator pullies

brand new OEM 2jz water pump

throttle body has the TCS stuff completely cut off

Manual boost controller


JZX90 ECU and full wire harness already converted for cressida but can be easily converted for anything else

New starter

Ignitor/MAP/all that jive included w/ harness


Pretty much the same deal he was giving except now it's on the other side of the country in Monterey, CA. I paid him $2500. So, let's start there.



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I remember wanting/trying to buy this from miles.


Not to thread jack or anything but

this does NOT come with a transmission and has some kind of misfire issue above 6500 rpm that was never fixed.

according to miles, other than that it is fine and starts up


good luck with sale, pretty good deal regardless

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I know nothing of this misfire issue. From what I understood from the previous seller was that it was perfectly fine and had a misfire issue with the old 1jz bottom end

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thanks for bringing it over :D. i thought it was gonna end up in florida. now i hope it gets to a good owner here in ca. hopefully not a supra. sry about ur situation good luck with the sale but what excatly did u get from him? ill pm u right now about somethings i want if you have...

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