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will pass

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NAME: Will






EMAIL ADDY: xevenskyline@sbcglobal.net


CURRENT AUTO FLEET including pictures: '02 IS300 with a few need to have mods. Ride height sucks balls right now because of the crappy coilovers that came on the car when I bought it, but new Apex'i coilovers are on order and will arrive next week.


(Sorry, don't know how to embed pictures via email)






PICTURE OF GIRLFRIEND: She's in the back lol




PREVIOUS AUTO EXPERIENCE: Recently sold my '95 240sx after 2 1/2 years of ownership. Various upgrades as any other 240 would have, nothing too out of the ordinary. Loved it to death, but have been recently converted to the 4 door life with the new IS.




WHY YOU WANT TO BE A MEMBER: Seems to be the place to go for anything X-Chassis, seeing as this is my first time owning one, I would like to be a part of a knowledgeable community. I've seen a couple of local guys sporting the JZXproject sticker, driftaholic (Ben) and mkbzero (Brinkin). I know both of them personally and they're no bullshit guys when it comes to their cars, so if they're on this board they obviously have good reasons for it .


VOUCHES FROM CURRENT MEMBERS: driftaholic, mkbzero

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I suppose pass, but not by much.

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