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With it's imminent arrival I thought i'd renew my excitement about the Mark II by Starting this slow project thread. I apologise for just copying some of this from another site, but if it ain't boke don't fix it n all that...





So generally i'm pretty level-headed and I usually know what I want. Except when it comes to cars....The last time I bought a Jap car I went looking for and Evo V and ended up with a Honda Stream 7 seater, the time before that I wanted an Evo IV and ended up with an S14a.



And my first drift project was no exception. It started after Valentines Day when I finally sold a bastard of a 106 gti runabout. I decided I would buy in the UK with the yen rate quite bad. S14/14a it was. A well prepared example. I then thought it would be more involving to get it standard and modify it. So I looked for a standard model, even considered an auto :rolleyes: , so then I mailed Andy @ Powervehicles with my budget and was very surprised with what I could get. With the Yen a bit poor, there are some great bargains!


So with deposit sent I went after what I wanted, a Red S14 Zenki. Didn't see any I liked and after a lot of thought, I changed to wanting a JZX of some sort. 81's were too rare so it was a well modded 90 or even a 100. So I mailed Andy and said 1jz only, and typically the very next day I saw a Red S14 I wanted! I ended up not buying it in the end thankfully.


Anyway on Easter Saturday this came up and I fell in love, and had to have it....





It's a 1990 Mark II JZX81. It went through as a genuine grade 4, which was pretty cool. Considering the age etc. it's really mint. Maybe I am going blind as I would have sworn it was Blue in the auction pics but anyway it's Green.


It currently has light mods but I am planning to further modify it during the year as much as time/money allows. I have a couple of quid left in my budget so my plans were FMIC and maybe a cage, or whatever would be best but we will see. It litterally only arrived at Powervehicles today so no rush. It has:


Full Free Dom Aero


Air Filter



R33 GTR Alloys


Mint Bride Seat

Boost Gauge

Wooden Nardi Wheel

Dildo gearknob

I think thats it!



Anyway thanks for reading and comments welcome











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So forward on a few days, to April 15th ish.


The day of the auction, Andrew couldn't make it. It was too far to travel, and I knew this way in advance, but he had it checked on the day. It started, and ran they then stopped it then it wouldn't start. Maybe it was flooded which is not uncommon apparently. I made the decision to go ahead with the bid but he did advise me it was a risk.


So last week when it arrived in Tokyo it was a bit smokey. See clip below. He suspected tired turbos. So when it was checked there seems to be an oil leak around the rear turbo area, but seeing as that bit of the engine bay is packed tighter than a pornstars undies it will really need to be stripped to be sure. If it turns out to be one gone, then the two may as well be done, would be stupid not to. An upgrade is gonna be too rich at the minute and I don't need a monster right now anyway. He/Kazama were happy the engine was fine but they are doing a few more checks first just incase.


Other than that it needs a CV joint on the rear and has a leak in a line around the rack somewhere so he's gonna quote to have the rack n stuff replaced. Then she's good to go! B)


I was dissapointed when I heard/saw the smoke but it is nearly 20 years old and looking on the brightside it should be super fresh when it arrives.




The wait continues......


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Now this was the first week in May



So I concidered re-auctioning the car when we confirmed the turbo issue but it was going to cost as much as fixing it, and at least if would be fresh, so I decided to sort it.


Andy did a compression test and it made 160psi on 3 and 155 on 3 so at least the motor seems ok. Both Andy and Kazama Auto apparently were happy everything else bar the turbo(s) were 100%. When the plugs were out he changed them for HKS Iridium M40I's. He replaced some perished vacum pipework and a knackered ignitor too.






Then came happy Friday, yay! I did think the turbo issue was a bit odd, to have such a big issue not mentioned on the auction sheet, and Andy obviously did too because without my knowledge he had put a claim against the seller, and hey presto they provided a pair of rebuilt units, winner!




The turbo's arrived last week and seem fine so are going on this week, along with the cv joint/driveshaft and new steering rack and pipes. I've a couple of other bits as well and 1 other thing I don't think Andy or Emily can't find but no big deal, I am keeping an eye on yahoo auctions....


All going well she will be shipped on the 20th.....:)

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So the posts above are the updates from when I bought the car on Easter Saturday up until May 11th. The turbos were fitted and without reg plates could only be tested on a short trip but no smoke and everything seems fine. The plugs/ignitor/pipe replacements have made a big difference in the general performance of the motor. The entire steering system has been replaced (rack and all pipes) bar the pump for rebuilt parts as was 1 CV joint and driveshaft. It made the boat on May 20th and is due in Barcelona on July 2nd, and Heogh shipping are telling me it will be 5 to 7 days from there :D


I bought one part which didnt arrive so is comming seperatly, I dont know what colour yet but it will be handy for security more than anything else:




And in case any friendly car nabbers come equipped with a Works Bell kit and a spare wheel I got this cool lock too:




Oh and I got some JIC C spanners for the coilovers too.


Oh yea, from May 19th:





And a nice BN Supra


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June 9th



This box was waiting for me when I got home earlier :D


It was supposed to be in the car but didn't arrive in time so was posted. Considering it only left on June 4th it got here quick! So anyway its a Works Bell Rapfix II snap off kit with security lock. I mainly got it for security reasons but its a savage piece of kit none the less. The colour doesnt match but was the only colour available at present. I guess i can match it to other bits in the future


Steering column part on the left, wheel part in the middle and lock on the right




Now I can get some practise for a bit of this :P




Move on to the end of June....



Ok so if it fits and its not huge looking, which im pretty sure it wont be I will have this lovely Nardi 360mm wheel to go on the new boss for the car:



And the only other interior thing i wasnt 100% with was the radio:



Theres nothing specifically wrong with it but the radio in my daily is way nicer. So this became available and I bought it.



I know I know, there not really gonna help me to go sideways but they were cheap bits to sort out and i am totally happy with them so im done with that stuff for now. Roll on 4 weeks.... :D



So that brings me to the present. Transit route changed since, the car is now going to Newcastle, England and by truck to Dublin. I believe it landed in Newcastle today, and barring any hiccups should arrive in Dublin on July 15th. I have all paperwork now and I go the unusual route of doing the customs clearence myself I will spend Saturday prepping it all so I can have the car out and on the road by Friday evening next week!!


Oh and the Nardi wheel above apparently has a crack in the horn now, i was due to pick it up on Saturday, so i might leave it and get the suede dished Nardi down the line instead. I also bought a Bride gear gator I'm hoping to receive this weekend too to match the seat. And thats all of the interior rubbish for now. IC, cage and track time next!




Thanks for reading





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Are you seriously gonna get a leather wheel and ditch the woodgrain?


If you want, I'll trade you straight across for my leather nardi, each just pay shipping costs. I'd love to be grippin grain and driftin lanes.

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Thanks guys. Been having a shitty few weeks so posting that has cheered me up, looking forward to getting it now again!


Skin; I havent any specific plans. As I said in the Intro thread I posted, im from a circuit racing background so its as much a project on me as it is on the car. For now it will be my daily but i am going to do practise days and be a novice again n all that stuff and see where it leads. If i get serious and i can rope in some old sponsors i would probably consider getting another X and keeping this for the streets as it seems pretty clean. But for now I want to keep it trimmed but get a cage and start on the mechanicals... Basically im gonna hop on the drift coaster and see where it goes!!


Nah I dont mind, car initially cost just over 550,000 yen. I got the turbos free but i paid all the labour so with all that plus the snap off kit its cost around 750,000 - 800,000 yen so far. I could have gotten a good specced 90 or even a 100 for that money nowadays but i think the 81 is so much cooler looking, and rarer, so fuck it





Are you seriously gonna get a leather wheel and ditch the woodgrain?


If you want, I'll trade you straight across for my leather nardi, each just pay shipping costs. I'd love to be grippin grain and driftin lanes.


You know, i might just keep the wheel so i can justify having that quote as a signature/sticker haha!! Seriously though, im unsure. I couldnt swap as id have no wheel to drive the car! I only wanted that wheel as it is (or was) mint so if its badly marked i will leave it but my ideal wheel is a dished Nardi suede wheel, i much prefer suede. If i do sell it i will post it up here, i have no idea what its worth though...

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Shit that cost arm and a leg I dont feel so bad paying what I did for my Mark 2 now. Cars looking really good sorry to hear about the raw deal with the turbos but that shit does happen. It will be worth all the trouble once you get that first drive in it. The more I drive my Mark 2 the more I like it. Keep the wood wheel I ditched my leather wheel for a wood one first chance I got.

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A cressida of equal quilty in america would've cost more just in parts. Probably something like 10-12k.


You're a lucky guy.


Every time I see a foreign members sick assed car they didn't pay much for I get all jealous. Sometimes I hate living in america.

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i got one of them dual din kenwood jams, they're cute

i think im gunna get a mark2 for shits n giggles go lhd with the million x8s we have here

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Thanks for the replies again lads, i'm PATIENTLY waiting for it to fuckin arrive still !! It was due tomorrow morning but now its looking like Friday.


Raceready68/aphxero car was very dear compared to other models. I was expecting to get it for over 150,000 less then I paid but my budget was 700,000 so if it goes on an 81/90/100 i didnt mind but i'd rather a clean nice 81 to a cheap rough 100. It will be about $12k by the time its on the road with registration costs though.


As for the plugs I might get some of the NGK's on stand by, Powervehicles recommended the HKS ones so I will leave them for now after the price!! Thanks for the advice though


I got the Nardi, the horn had a tiny scratch. When the car is here i'll compare both and sell 1 lol

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we're getting a lot of jzx81 owners now up in here, i likey. i notice most are mark ii's though, are they more available than their chaser and cresta siblings?


bkr7's are pretty nice, good cheap copper plug. only downside is frequent plug changes, but their price more than makes up for it. they've performed flawless on my stock twin-turbo 1JZ and was good for 280whp on a set of old bkr7's. i run colder plugs now though with the single

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So it arrived! It cam into Dublin On Monday morning. Had a bit of agro with customs but nothing unusual. I was informed every car bar 2 that had come in wouldnt start so i was worried, seeing as most were civics and integra's n stuff. Guess what, she started on the button! Checked all the fuilds, everything spot on, jumped in and drove out, complete with 1 flat tyre! (Note front suspension at its highest to save bumper)




Turned out the tyre was actually off the rim so i when i stopped at the garage in the docks i pumped it up and back on it went. So I went home and put on the snap off kit for security as it has no alarm yet. Ive also gone with the Black Nardi, much prefer it and the wooden wheel was a bit small to be honest.





With the kit and the wheel I can touch the steering wheel with my elbows without leaning forward. Nascar driving style! I also cant get out without removing the wheel!


So last night i sorted out the ride height. Again for security reasons it will haveto be in my driveway for the next few weeks so it cant be too low. With the rear as was i had maybe 5mm clearence so i can only drop the front...







As you can see its filthy, ill give it a good clean and sort out the front bumper hanging at the weekend.


So its pretty noisey, diff is much clunkier than any other car ive ever had, its stiff as fuck, the seat is tiny, so i have a sore back and ribs from driving it but i fucking love it!! Silvia's can lick my balls id never have one after this...

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So its pretty noisey, diff is much clunkier than any other car ive ever had, its stiff as fuck, the seat is tiny, so i have a sore back and ribs from driving it but i fucking love it!!


You know its JDM when....


Glad to hear it all turned out, dude! Looks good! :D

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Woot! Glad to hear you love the car. Have you ragged on it yet?

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Thanks lads; Brian not quite. Andy and Emily at Powervehicles seem to be away this week, i was awaiting some info that to be honest couple be answered here. Freshly rebuilt turbos: is there a run-in period? All the fluids are fine, no leaks no problems, ive only had it to about 3k rpm and about 4psi boost so far so i havent really driven it at all!! What is standard boost by the way?



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Bout time I updated this. Sadly not a huge amount has happened. After I got it, it intermittently stopped starting but was fine after a few days. So lazily i never looked into it, but it bit me in the ass later on...


Fitted my Bride shift boot:



Between August and October there was holidays n other shit so no drift days as I never got to fully service it, just enjoyed driving it about and messing a bit. :)


Then for my birthday I received this:






I held it on for a few days with tape, then stitched it back together





I got some decent oils for the box/diff and motor. My wife got me this huge genuine Trust IC from an R33



It still hasnt been fitted as I havent been able to drop it off to have the hard pipe kit made :rolleyes:


The car then developed another problem which we thought was the fuel pump, then the pump relay but was infact the ECU capacitors. That haulted progress between November and January, so I got some Gram Lights (17x9.5 with crappy enough offset) and Federal 595's for Christmas from the wife. So at least I have some spare skid wheels now.




Another factor in slowing the prgoress down was this



It's my wifes new runabout!



82k km's


Remapped ROM

GReddy T517 Turbo

Uprated Fuel Pump

SARD 555cc Injectors

RG Coilovers with Swift Racing Springs

Aftermarket Brake Pads

Aftermarket Front Anti Roll Bar

Adjustable Rear Upper Arms

Adjustable Rear Rods

Aftermarket Clutch (OS Giken)

Aftermarket LSD (Strong)

Aftermarket Exhaust System

HKS Catalyser

Trust Front Pipe

Greddy Oil Filter Relocation and Oil Cooler Kit

Aftermarket Tie Rods

D-Style Side Skirts

D-Style Rear Bumper

Final Konnexion Front Bumper

Triple Layer Radiator

Trust Front Mounted Intercooler Kit

Cusco Front Strut Brace

Apexi Induction Filter


Apexi Metal Suction Pipe

Aftermarket Manifold

Aftermarket Outlet

SAMCO Silicone Rad Pipes

HID Headlights

Stain Mesh Turbo Water and Oil Lines

Momo Race Steering Wheel

Bride Recliner for Driver

Willans 4 point harness for Driver with Pads

Greddy Oil Temp and Pressure Meters in "A" Pillar Pod

Pivot Adjustable Shift Change Light

Greddy Profec B Boost Controller

HKS Turbo Timer

Drift use handbrake Button

Grex Shift Knob

Omori Electronic Water Temp Meter

Razo Pedals

Nismo Door Mounted Large Boost Gauge Holder

HKS Large Boost Meter

18" SSR D5R Alloys (F9J + 20 , R 9.5J + 30)



Anyway, got the ECU fixed and bought a perfectly good one for spare and got it running, but it was flooding fairly easy with the HKS plugs.....

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