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Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

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Will eventually get to fuel wiring "issue."

But props to XM with their slightly overpriced tension rod bushings and ditching some un-needed washers I was able to get from 5.3 to 6.1 caster.  Which with that and their "street" knuckles lead to my trailing wheel rubbing the tubs.  Which for now I ended up just pounding with a hammer.  The almost 1 degree change is super noticeable, been driving to work this week and even under normal driving conditions the car wants to return to center very quickly hah.  I also haven't over centered it yet, but we will see this weekend hopefully at spirit peaks.

Other than the  "high" oil pressure feels good to be out driving it again



got tires on 6 pairs ready to go for this weekend.  And hopefully soon after the fab shop will be able to fix my .5 LH .15 RH toe in-in the rear and double hope they can remove even more camber. 
Then it's time to hit up Kaaz USA 😍

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This car is wild, basically drives it self (even with the insane .5 and .15 toe in in the rear 😂).  As battle axe always says I don't think I'm good enough to feel the difference of the knuckles but like I said the car did seam really easy to drive the extra caster helps heaps and probably shorter lock to lock is nice?? But the oil thickness seemed to have almost no effect on the cooling.  It was 33-42 outside the whole day and still hit 240F+ within about 1 minute of skid raycing.  Mind you the coolant was barely topping 195-200 

I think I'm gonna ditch this MRP sandwich plate and run the PHR relocation kit with an improved racing thermo block and a cooler that is probably ~2x the size of my current one.   Just finding someone where to place it is the problem...  I could try ducting and and or mini fans but I think a 19 row (11x6 inch) is probably just not enough whoops

Felt cool to make the 2 hour drive there and back with no issues with all 3 cars + our buddies m3.  The ebay fans on the v8 car died (who knows when maybe months ago also first real issue with this car) but we just took the hood off at the track and it was about the same as every one else, 2-3 laps before over heating.  Cold enough out on the way home-there that it didn't matter

Anyways hope you boys love seeing photos of my car cause I'm gonna plaster the same 3 photos on all the FB car groups ❤️




"Do it for the gram"



Shout out to the media peeps who made back to back saturday-sunday events over 150 miles apart  I think there was some dude shooting drone footage maybe that will surface? Probably just embarrass myself anyways 

Even @Kyle made a showing ❤️


Stocked for the JZ only event in May hopefully the fabshop will fit me in by then and I'll have my oil sorted 


For the giggles: Josh's car some how hydrolocked with gas and this was efi fuse out assuming it was filling from intake:

Pretty sure the intercooler was full as well 

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Might be a mis quote of me? Most who have some kind of knuckles end up going lock to lock for no reason and don't know how to use them. I honestly forget mine are modded because the Supra has nothing from factory. I have caught myself saying oh ..right...I would have spun there but thank u based knuckles. Car looks good. I am thinking about doing a spirit peaks event to do some American yeehaw tandems. Are they invite only things or how does it work? Listing of dates?

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I should have clarified I meant Ackerman wise. I'm not sure I gained any angle I tried to measure before and after and it sure doesn't look like I got any more.  I didn't mean it in a mean way. I agree I know personally I have very little clue what I'm doing and all these crazy parts that I most likely don't need or wouldn't be able to tell the difference with or without them installed.

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oh yes, i did say that about ackerman. i do not understand the reasoning with the 0 ackerman stuff. it changes the way the car drivers in a very weird way. people would have to experiment at low speed and then ramp it up as it is very weird. i like my cobbled design of whatever i did. i just got it to what looked like factory and made them shorter in the supra. i have no idea what im doing. works for our 2nd/3rd gear track here. im not big on the 4th gear+ stuff as its just mental speed that im not interested in and "scared" i guess. i prefer technical stuff more often than not. anyways. i want to shred with you guys. gotta start this traveling thing again.


i took no offence to what you said lol. i say a lot of things and forget most of them.

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Haha same I'd like to make it up there this year hopefully too for an event!

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