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Doriboat JZX73

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I bought my MX73 cressida in August, drove it until winter and have been keeping it safe and warm in the garage while I amass piles of parts and save for the upcoming madness.






This past Friday my buddy Tom and I pulled the 5M out

(anyone want a 5MGE?)








Kind of a shame to pull a nice clean running motor, but it's making way for much better things.





On saturday I drove down to Montreal and picked up a soarer 1JZ




When I picked it up I looked at a lot of busted ass motors before I found this one. Not the cleanest ever, but the price was good, compression tested 170 across the board and had a 3" downpipe so I figured I might find a couple more goodies.


When I split the engine and trans today I found something weird. The clutch slave setup didn't look normal.



and then I got a closer look and got excited.




ORC twin plate clutch and lightweight flywheel good for 600 horsepower. 220,500 Yen (~$2800) MSRP




$*%@ing score.


I'll probably check for cams tomorrow.

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Tom told me that you would give me that clutch as a bday present.


So I'm gonna drop by in a couple of weeks to pick it up.



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you ----REALLY---- dont need that clutch.



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i was shocked at how mint that x73 is too. that's one super solid car. nice score on the clutch!

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Finally got it running today. I haven't been very good about updating this thread, but I'll upload some more pics and get an update together this weekend.


Here's a shitty little video of the first startup. Ignore my babbling and listen to the sweet sounds of my JZ. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UENAugCaTj0

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Finally, a long overdue update.



setting up to weld a T3 flange onto the T4 flange so my holset will fit. I made a center rib and welded it in to keep it divided and smoothed the transition between the t3 and t4 flanges.




turbo oil feed hard-line I bent up (there's a 1.5mm restrictor inside the end of the line)




I used the stock front turbo feed banjo, cut it and used a compression fitting to hook up the hard line I made




the downpipe taking shape




fitting up the IC piping before welding




Exhaust finished. 3 inch mild steel, summit racing glasspack into 3 inch in 2x2.25 out magnaflow muffler, looks fairly stock from the back.







wastegate dump





Shifter location is about a bit far back in the hole, but I only had to trim 1/4 inch or so around the back.





side shot of the engine before it went in the car




More updates soon.

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what trans are you running thats making the shifter position sit back like that, or is it the mounts your using?



It's a JZZ30 soarer transmission and custom mounts. When I made the mounts I had no idea where the shifter was going to end up, just made sure the oil pan wasn't going to hit either the crossmember or sway bar and things turned out pretty well.

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I had my car out and took it around the block for the first time since the swap and it was fuckin awesome. I still have a few loose ends to tidy up, but overall it's roadworthy. The car is actually reasonably quiet, which is nice. Boost comes on pretty quickly (no idea what RPM since I have no workin tach), even at part throttle but I didn't push it much all in my neighborhood.


Coilovers, bushings, and brakes are going to be the next big priorities considering it's all totally stock and 24 years old so it feels like I'm driving on marshmallows and pudding. mmm, pudding.


Anyway, I'm fuckin psyched to actually drive it.


Here are a couple more random pics.


Finished downpipe




installed slash cut screamer and peek at the exhaust. fucker at the exhaust shop sold me some rusty 3" pipe but the price was right.



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Dam car looks good what did u end up paying for the swap.


I got my soarer 1JZ for $1750 Canadian, but all the labor was done by yours truly with a bit of help from my friends and some occasional guidance from my dad.

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Just got back from a few shakedown runs. All I can say is fucking awesome. AFRs are really happy, in boost running between 10.7 and 11.7 in boost, around 15 at part throttle cruise. I still don't have a working tach but it's not too laggy, I'd estimate I have 10psi before 4k, wastegate opens at 10 psi (at least shows 10 psi on my 30 dollar mech. boost gauge). The screamer isn't nearly as loud as I was expecting, but I haven't been outside the car when it's open so it might be a little on the loud side. So far I've only hit boost on a straight in second gear and gone through second and third a few times but it's hella fun and doesn't take long. Gonna go drive it some more now. Expect pics and video up tomorrow unless it's raining or it blows up tonight.

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