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FS: JDM Baller Cressida X73 stuff (front end, fender mirrors, lip, bumpers)

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Yes, sh!t is expensive. And I am still losing money on this stuff. That's what I get for not building a super bad ass cressida. Most if not all of this is the only one of its kind in the US.



JDM Aftermarket X7 Front Lip

- Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida.

- Probably the only one here.

- Brand new. Never painted or installed.



JDM GX71 Cresta Front End Conversion

- Headlights, brackets, corner lamps, grille, and under headlight trim.

- Comes with aftermarket H4 headlights with built in city lights.

- Custom harness made for plug and play.

- Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida.

- Extremely rare and expensive, even in Japan.

- Used condition.



JDM Kouki GX71 Bumpers

- Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida.

- Front bumper from a GX71 Cresta, and rear bumper from a GX71 MarkII.

- Front bumper comes with factory long signal lights and fog lights.

- Rear bumper has thinner molding to match front bumper.

- Complete with brackets.

- Used condition. Heavy, no shipping.



JDM X7 Fender Mirrors

- Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida.

- Came off a MarkII GX70 wagon.

- Extremely rare. Was not available on GX71 MarkII sedans or later model GX70 wagons.

- Comes with custom made bases, to cover factory mirrors. Screws with OEM gasket.

- Used but backside was recently powder coated grey, and front plastic rechromed. Mint!



JDM X73 Inner Door Lights

- Clear, not annoying red like the USDM ones.



All parts in So Cal, OC/LA area.

MORE PICS OF EVERYTHING HERE, http://www.charlescharlescharles.com













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