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Hi guys.

This car STILL RUNS.

It does not have BHG.

Unlike a JZ, I am not still building my motor forever.


Although it only has @425hp, it has a .63 on the 57 trim now, so powerband is much better. The gutted plenum is puffed up like a balloon from the 24psi I was running before.


Stance going on the car today.

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because you're a beast lol. what size were those tires anyway? 450 hp + little tires = that.

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Stock. The driver's side was wearing the stock spare, which I might add, was in beautifully preserved brand-new condition and made Push jizz in his pants. I used the 18's earlier in the day, but they wore off in 3 runs. Since the tarmac there was so grippy, it seemed like no difference at all. Probably because of my camber. The one that blew was a dumpster special that either had a broken belt or was horribly unbalanced. It left dotted lines down the whole course and made the whole car shake. I didn't get a lot of runs in, but had a great day. Car is an absolute dream on the highway with 12/11k Stance and the wheel/tire combo.

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I had that happen to my 240 using shitty tires, mine wasn't that bad though.


Great build!

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So, history lesson. I sold this car 2 years ago. I bought it back. I don't know why.



At the time, my work was under construction, and I had no place to keep the car. It had expired tags and I couldn't park it on the street either. I didn't like how the chassis didn't want to change directions quickly at our drift events. The one lot event we had, I had a blast in it. My Z works far better, so I used that. I used the car mainly for driving into Chicago, since it didn't really attract any bad attention, and I could destroy turbo Neons on the expressway. I stopped going downtown, and stopped driving it. In the meantime, I was building this abortion that took all my time...


Feeling the weight of juggling 7 cars, I figured it would be a good idea to sell it. A guy stepped up to the plate. He didn't mind that the car needed some issues taken care of, and bought it.


Fast forward 2 years. Had a kid. Lemons raced, drifted Z...


One day, I was like "Hmm, I wonder what happened to the Cressida?" (Don't do this). Found out that the guy wanted to be rid of it. He offered it at a price half what I sold it for, because it didn't run. It had been sitting for months. It sounded like an easy fix, so I headed out to his farm. When I got there, I wanted to look away, and leave.

Aside from not remembering how shitty some parts of the car were, there were other issues that manifested in the 2000 miles under his care.

-The intake plenum had finished blowing out at 20psi duty. He took it to "a guy", who attempted to guess how to weld aluminum. The guy ruined the custom part, and then lost it.

-Intake temp sensor was lost with the plenum, and I forgot what I used.

-Motor was left open for mice to toss in seeds, build middle-class homes, and piss and shit in.

-MICE! Everywhere! Feces all inside the car. Wiring chewed. Smell. Had I known about this, I would have never came.

-Car was moved around with a loader or something. Tail lights broken, grill gone, headlights, corners, hood, fenders all smashed.

-Snap-On prybar shift knob replaced with a lug nut. Crown Royal shift boot gone.

-Cheap hood pins installed for no reason.

-Filthy everywhere.

-Microtech dongle lost. Can't tune.


On the other hand, he took care of some of the car's problems. He swapped out the dying trans with the spare. He replaced my terrible exhaust setup with an RS-R system, and the work is pretty sound. So, I bought it. I guess the only reason being that I could part it, and build something else. Plus, I had driven out there with the trailer. Didn't want to leave empty-handed.



I spent the next 2 weeks smelling the car from 20ft away in the parking lot, and regretting my decision. I ultimately decided that if I could clean it up, I wouldn't part it out. So I cleaned. I cleaned a lot. Disassembled the whole interior. Vac'd with a respirator on. Steam-cleaned the piss and mouse fuck for hours and hours. Vacuumed the engine ports, and blew out the cylinders. Powerwashed every inch. Powerwashed carpets. Wiped down everything. Bombed that bitch with japanese air fresheners. Threw the wet seats back in and let it sit in the sun to vent for a week. Was it worth it? Hell no. But it worked. I guess I just did it for the challenge. Polished off a bottle of Crown Reserve to forget, then built a new shift boot.



So then I set to get it running again. Compression check was excellent. Needed to find a 2nd gen Maxima in the yards to get a plenum. Waited for months, nothing. They are all extinct up here. Finally paid too much for one on Ebay. Modded it, and threw it on. It's not hollowed out, didn't care. Fixed a terrible job I did on the fast idle control. Had a air bleed under the dash with a ball valve to increase idle speed. During which, you had no power brakes. Dumbest thing ever. Ripped it out, and rigged the Maxima FICD to a switch. Another stupid thing I did was the Genesis battery under the seat. Will never buy something like that again. Scavenged a rear battery setup with cables from a Lincoln LS for $8, and put it in the trunk. Upgraded the ignitor chip to the later PRW-2 used on Altimas, etc. Made a huge improvement. Ripped it down the street for some fresh gas. It's still retardedly fast. The wideband is showing lean though, and it has a miss. Maybe he tried to tune it? I don't know. Can't communicate with the ECU without that dongle. Gonna have to order one.


So hopefully you've had a good har-har about all this. At the very least, maybe you will learn what NOT to do.


Right now, I'm fixing the front end. ;)


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first reaction is holy fuck why would you even?


then i was happy to see that you rescued it.


then i saw that front end: c33 laurel right? that's hilariously awesome. so are you going to write a story about the car under the intermediary owner examining his motivations for treating it the way he did?

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So I've decided that I can no longer live with the welded diff on this thing. It just makes the whole car feel that much more like a jalopy. I would rather have an open, and clutch kick the shit out of it. I went to the yard, and dug this out of a Supra.



Two problems. This thing is a 3.7, what I really need is a 4.11, and I have turned up little reliable info on how to go about it. Searched dead end threads for hours. Only got more confused on what parts swap in and out, and from which cars. Can I just grab a ring gear from an SC300, and pop it into this thing? That doesn't seem right. Second problem is it's widely known that these LSD's suck. I couldn't find any info on why they sucked. Decided to figure it out on my own. Found this stupid thing inside.



The Supra LSD is just a "passive" LSD, that uses this spring, and initial torque only. It does not add more pressure to the clutch pack as slipping increases like most LSD's do. It's pretty much only good for getting grandma out of the snow.


So I modified it.



I turned the pin thing into a sorta ramp. The female piece is done in the same fashion internally. The idea here, is that when the round piece begins to twist under slipping, it will want to extend and exert more pressure on the clutch pack. Will this work? I give it a 20% chance of success. I just know it can't make it any worse.


Then I scuffed all the clutch discs. I've had good success doing this in the past. I think it helps shear the oil out of the way much like the grooved discs in an aftermarket LSD, and increases the bite. I reassembled it with an extra washer to bring initial torque up from 40 ft/lbs to 135.



Put this stuff in. I swear by it. Combined with non-syn gear oil, I have found it to be just as good as KAAZ oil, and far cheaper.


I gotta have 4.11, for now, this is just sitting on the table. Makes this a pointless update.

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Your a retard crab cake.........


First, all it takes to increase the stock wimpy 40 or so ft/lbs of stock holding torque in that LSD to nearly 100 ft/lbs, is a fucking spacer, and a booster spring inside the main spring.

Weir performance copied the one I did many years ago, and now sell it for cheap.


Second, even 250 ft/lbs of engine torque will twist that screwdriver tip tight off.

The pressure ramps on a Cusco, or what have you are way out at the OD of the disks, there are 4 of them, and they are much stronger.

And after the thousands of LSDs I have imported over the years, I have seen some of them even break.


You ruined your diff.

Lucky for you, Toyota sells replacement parts.

Maybe go back to school, and learn about designs, metal strengths, and load factors before you start redesigning shit you know nothing about.

Did you just sneak in here from club-4AG, or are you an ex-SCCA idiot ?

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Oh, and the SC300 rear end takes a completely different gear set.


But I guess you could weld the ring gear to the 8" LSD,

and make home made special wood bearings to hold the pinion in the 8" housing.........

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You're not understanding what you're looking at I guess. That part doesn't transmit any torque. It's just a follower for the spring, so it doesn't get killed by the spinny part that it pushes on. I didn't ruin it, cause it already sucks. Sorry I didn't buy the Weir kit that does the same thing as my washer (increase preload), which was free.


Maybe you should import a thousand washers and up-charge?

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You are in full retard mode now.........

Just a washer won't hardly do shit, it's the booster spring that gives the biggest torque increase.

And if you didn't think that it would do anything, why the fuck did you waste time grinding on it ?


But what do I know, I never ran a vacuum hose into the car to make an idle speed adjustment, like the master Cum Spirits did.


Forget what I said, you never made it to the 4AG club, or SCCA,

you are still stuck in skate board mode.

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I put in a washer, and it increased Initial torque from 40 ft/lbs to 135 ft/lbs. (shrugs)


You can do these things (like increase idle speed on a speed density based EFI by introducing a vacuum leak) when you know how the fuck things work.

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My ass........

No way in hell did you get 135 ft/lbs out of a washer, unless it was so thick it bottomed out the spring, and then some.

You should have just stuck with welding it up.

I've seen other morons of your intellectual level wrap nylon rope up in the spider gears of an open diff too.

They also thought they had the world by the tail with their diff mod.


I doubt you even have the tools to check break away torque.

You probably used something meant for one of the lawnmowers you work on.


And your in-cockpit idle adjust didn't work for shit by your own words.


Go back to skateboards.

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