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Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

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nice pics mark im still bummed i coldnt make it damn gas prices and lack of money

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From Bremerton Today:



















Today sucked for lighting, too much direct light, everything is washed out. Oh well.



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You took really good photos today! The track was just right today, felt really good to get out there withh my car! It kinda sucked cause there was too many people out there so was limited to only a few runs but the last 5 or 6 runs I had were awesome!!! Can't wait for the 3rd and 18th of October ;)

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**** Yeah!I finally worked out how to use photo bucket...This is from a D-day at Oran park Nth.








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Yeah,it was a good day.lucky for me there were plenty of peeps taking pic's that day.


You can see in the shots with the black rims and the stock rims i can run it pretty low..At a cost though.The of track areas are not very forgiving with ruts potholes and in some places there is 6-8" drop off from the circuit.I ran off track 5-6times at the faster south circuit[90-110k slides].You try coming off the track at that speed!!I was lucky it only ripped my straight thru side pipe off and i was able to continue.


Either you have very different track conditions[Coned on a wide open area] in the states or you dont really drift your cars at all,just pimp em for looks.

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haha wtf I was giving you a fun spirited compliment man.


I wasn't trying to be a dick, nor am I now. I have drifted on the infield of Nashville Super Speedway, on the road course at Memphis Motorsports Park and at a small oval track up in Michigan called Auto City Speedway. My 240 is a hell of a lot lower than your car.


Here you can see times where I dropped a wheel at NSS.








and here is a pic from memphis where you can see the curbs are higher than my car is off the ground.




Yes I know I'm about to spin in the picture but it is to prove a point. Plus the grassy area is rutted to hell. I went off that day back wards at 75-80 mph trying to initiate in 3rd and dropped a tire off.


I'm not saying I'm an awesome driver and my car is the shit because neither of them are true. The ONLY thing I meant by "needs moar lower" is that your car would look good lower. That's all. Yes I know there are risks when running a lowered car on the track, as my frame rails and exhaust can attest to. I did track days at Waterford Raceway up in Michigan and if you go off there it's almost guaranteed to wreck your car. Before each event they show you a mangled body panel of a corvette that went off as a warning.


There are a few people on here who have Cressidas much lower than your car and do fine. Ameen for example, his car was slammed.


Ah what do I know... we American drifters only pimp our cars for looks.

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