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Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

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Anyway, thought i would make a build thread for the car i'm currently working on.


Goal of this car is pretty much a fuck around street/drift car.


so i purchased this car from Tassie sight unseen after what was described as interior is complete, and damaged repaired, had it shipped over and friend picked it up and the 1st msg I got was "do you know the condition of this car" lol so hopes had been smashed a little.

The car was very cheap even after postage and well people who know JZX81's know there is only a handful in the country so i was ok with it i guess.

As you can see in the pictures just about every panel on the car has issue's, the front rad support is fucked, strut rail passenger side fucked, dash items are all cracked or have holes in them. wires chopped just about everywhere and random shit missing.  holes drilled into floor for battery and fire extinguisher, seats missing, seatbelts missing, just about everything LOL.












i never had huge plans for this car, was going to turn it into the race car but i already have another JZX81 with weld in cage, tubbed front, etc so returning that one to stock seemed like more work than to just fix this one. so, I started the repair process.

Purchased wreck with brown trim with intention of using rad support and so on.



Purchased some seat's



and started the process of putting this car back together





Purchased an Alpine head unit was on sale and double din and only $150 so jumped on it and it’s not like I need features it’s not a daily. Contacted friends and asked what parts they had available and got front bumper, found a spare headlight in my stash of parts and have purchased front indicator's and a RH side headlight to complete all the lights. I have guards although flared i will probably run them.


Engine wise it will get just about everything from my "race car JZX81"


so HKS built 1JZ, Radiator, intercooler, GT3240 etc. I will post pictures up of it when i finishing putting the pulley kit and DBW swap on it.


so overall, i hate the car and don’t mind denting it and so on as it will pretty much be a practice car and getting scrap parts i have had in storage over the years and will be the test mule for the race car.


lesson learnt, don’t buy a car sight unseen LOL.

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Lucky for you that most parts from Aussie MX83 will crossover. Couldn't do that in America with all of our crap being on the opposite side and all. 😕

JDM vehicles in America are such an inconvenience. I can't wait to join the club.

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Also hard to see but i have another black JZX81, so a lot of parts spare and it has been a bit of a shock the amount of items i have purchased and have had in storage for a good 10+ years. 

but also agree very lucky to be RHD  


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So no real update on this, more problem-solving. I was currently trying to work out how I can get 4 point ABS sensors working and retrofitting something. I'm looking into Bosch/Continental Motorsport ABS packages and using the sensors will allow me to take better control using the Emtron KV8 with things like launch control/traction control etc. 

So here is stock X8 upright then X100 (upside down) both seem to be 100% the same and my control arms bolt up to it. just the X100 has the port for the speed sensor. 

Trying to find a driveshaft that will work, this is a mix of JZX81, IS300, IS200 and JZX81 (Yamaha), JZA70 and X83, spoke to the driveshaft shop and it is possible to mix and match ends, but I would want to be close to knowing what will fit, as it will cost a bit each time. I guess I could learn to do it myself, but that is a lot of rebuilding of perfectly fine axles. 

Probably pointless to the rest of you, but maybe someone works in the industry or knows a bit more about CVs etc. 

X100 and IS seem to have this style of bearing 
and X8,A7 have 

measurements of the outer CV 
X9 (assume the same as X100?) 

That is pretty much where I'm at with working this out, with lockdown it is hard as I can't go to the local CV joint workshop and ask for help. 

The Interior is all in, a little issue with what seems the head unit is too large and not allowing me to bolt radio surround. But im going to re-look at this as I also forgot to hook up the reverse wire to allow my reverse camera to work. Yes, I installed a camera because after having it, it is hard to go without lol.
The engine has been wheeled out, to start preparation of getting it ready. Exhaust manifold went off to get EGT bungs welded on, got a Rebuild kit for the wastegate, and the intake manifold is off to get machined down to look neater and a Bosch DBW throttle body adaption. So hopefully once lockdown is over I can go pick these items up and fit them, then it will just be a case of throwing all the bolt on's and a couple of little things like alternation relocation and sensor upgrades. 


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So a bit of progress on this.

Had a local come check it out, worked out a deal to get some fabrication work done. so the front will be repaired (new rad support not tube front) 

in doing so, I picked up an S14 240SX cross member this then lead me to buy a rack, get the new Ciscokids street knuckles. (Essentially Tezuka freedom street knuckles. got with his permission to build) and Started working on LCA Design for another Ciscokids product.  as the whole reason for this car was R&D to offer more products to my customers 

so other than needing caster rods and an upgrade in suspension from the key office to shock works. the front end of this thing will be complete I have everything else.  

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Just realized this was a massive Resurrection.  Very nice.

Sometimes I wish I had another X8 for more comfort.  And marginally more safety. HA.

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I think the only creator comfort is power steering and elec windows. I have to say I find the X6 seats more comfortable then the X8. 

but yeah this is a bit of a resection of a car. it is sort of that car i hate enough to thrash it, but like it enough to make it semi-decent and the reason im making it a replica of my old car is to keep people from sooking as 99% of people would not know the real HKS/Tezuka car has become something more suited to me dreams and not the peoples :P

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o small updates, had Jeff at Motorsport Engineering Services clean up my manifold and set it up for a 70mm Bosch motorsport DBW TB. it involved welding up the old holes and cleaning up the plenum flange to suit the extra diameter. the manifold is currently at the powder coater getting cleaned up, will be good to see how it all turns out. hopefully, in the next couple of months, I will have the engine complete and ready to be fitted.



Car is off to get some fabrication work done at 21Fab, starting off with the fitting rear wide body, so repair huge holes in old wheel tub to boot. clean it all up to allow larger wheel/tire combo's. once this is done the car will come back home while I work out what I will do for the front end. only one company seems to be making Caster rods at the moment and they are junk.

I run bearing front end and not the standard rubber mount. this will result in the binding of some designs. below is just some paint designs quick idea's. so far im going to see how far off AE86 Arms are. As i have a set here and if it only requires me to drill one hole then I might go that route for now.


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No real update, 

been waiting on items to arrive and also designing new shit. 

Custom rear arms are coming along nicely. expensive but nice with a mix of Titanium, good FK bearing Heim's joints, MERICCAAA just awaiting for Chromoly to arrive 
Knuckles are sorted, doing my own LCA V2's. the tension rod is in the air, do I just mod AE86 to fit to get me on the road or do i continue on designing? 

I have to say the size and lack of slop in the FK Hiems vs XM ones. fucking crazy. looking forward to seeing how this whole setup will work. 

still stuck on the rear driveshafts though. 


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