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Guest Swannie

1gge to turbo conversion

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Guest Swannie

Hi guys my name is swannie, sorry im new to this form from been searching for along time for info on the 1gge engine foound some info but not realy all the info i want, , , not sure if there i a previous topic like the one i want to talk about i did a conversion on a truck i have you will know it as a kia K2700( diesel) the engine kept on breaking and after the 4th time i threw away the engine , was just bad , now im still a young man and apprentice  fitter and turner and electronic engineer , now the truck was my fathers and he gave it to me , now at that time i didnt have much exp. on engines efi systems... didnt have much monney aswell , point im trying to make is the cheapest engine with the same power ratings i could find was the 1gge engine, now like to learn very much,  but  now before i want to ask you please dont tell me why did you buy this engine and why do what i did , why dont you just buy a 2jz and your problems are sorted ? i wont mind doing it but , i just dont have the monney , south africas currency i extremely bad at the moment here we can buy the 2jz gte engine for +- R 40 000 - R45 000 and my pay per month is only R8000 ... so i hope that you understand my point , now my 1gge is been running strong for about 3 years now, after the conversion , made 96 kw and 172 N.m at the wheels on my truck , now i'm busy doing a turbo conversion on the engine , looking for more power at low rpm between 1-3 krpm , my tuner recommended a ct26 from a celica mr2 the twin entry (twin scroll ) turbo , he told me that it would make boost at around 2000 rpm , now im not looking to build a dragster , just want to tune it for most abount of torque , he said that if my compression is below 9.1 :1 i sould be fine for about 0.5 bar (+- 7 psi) what i wanted to know from you guys , is there anybody out there that maybe did a turbo conversion a a NA 1GGE  ? know i know what im doing when im fabricating around the engines , ill make all my own flanges , drill holes in sump , ive did 2 2jz gte single turbo conversions so far , build the manifolds and all the fitting work. i would appreciate it if someone wants to help me , just wanted to find out if there is anything to look out for or to keep in mind when im going to do this ? all the other people ive asked , is always saing why dont you just buy a 1uz or a 2jz and put that in or dont waste youre time on it .... stuff like that , most people havent even done it them selves , the go on as if they know everything ,  now like i said before , im dont want to do another conversion as this engine is already in and not giving problems , and just need help with this , has anybody done a 1GGE- TURBO conversion ? and how much power did you make ? i currently have a rebuild ct 26 from toyota. my truck is in the photos below can anyone maybe tell me out of what car my engine came my importer couldn't tell me...

thanx in advance ?































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You probably won't get much help here, as we throw 1GG engines in the scrap heap.
(probably where your engine came from)
Like your muffler mount, about what I would expect.

Good luck with your road worrier project...

Now go the fuck away.

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1G has two intake ports per cylinder? That's kinda neat. I would run a 1G-GZE if I ever found one. It's MAP-based, so it wouldn't be hard to tune for a CT26 with a piggyback like an SAFC.

Your formatting is absolute shit though and I didn't read half of it.

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One port per cylinder, with twin runners going to it, just like the shit 4AG.
It's nothing more than a baby 7M.
Are you suddenly slipping into old age, and senility, like me, and thinking you should have kept the 7M ?

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