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WTB center driveshaft bearing

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Threw several of them away.

I have a one piece shaft, but for auto fitment....

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I threw mine away too. Haven’t done my swap yet and won’t for a while. Need the stock one in the meantime. Bought an aftermarket replacement and squeeks like a mf. 

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Be careful of the rock auto shit.....
Bought a center bearing from them for my Datsun truck, and the ass holes sent me one that the bearing was only shielded, not sealed.

A shielded bearing is about useless for anything but inside a piece of machinery that spends all it's life inside a manufacturing plant.
Shields do not keep out dust, dirt, water, dirty water, or ground up road kill debris.
You have got to have a sealed bearing there, period.

I was on the phone to them within 60 seconds of opening the package, and that piece of shit went right back to them.

So if you look at that bearing, and you can't see rubber seals on it, only metal shields, you've been fucked.

Sealed bearing:


Not sealed bearing:


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