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Current working's X8 Knuckles

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So as some of you on here know i run Ciscokids and as of late i have been rather lazy to produce my own parts, I have been working with other companies to produce item's for X8's

Like Superpro and now Acostal. The reason for this is why reinvent the wheel and why should i design something when i can get a specialist to. AKA im the Supreme of the car world :P JK i dont vape.


anyway just drumming up interest as i have kept this pretty hush hush and only told a couple of the aussies about this and even less have seen this picture.




here is the adjustable knuckles for X8's acostal are working on. these are just the 1st design, plan on adding a couple other features to this.


for people who dont know acostal, the company is run by Stewry Bryant, probobly not the most biggest name in drifting even here in aust, but known for his suspension design and just going big/sending it





the design is adjustable akerman




anyway, i will keep you in the loop if you are interested. also looking at other item's like LCA's and Castor arm's but starting off with knuckles 1st as i need them.

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Arms are done, 

Price here for the lete kit. (Everything you see in the picture)


Kit Includes~

2x BLATANT Lower Control Arms

2x Caster Rod Brackets (can buy on its own)

2x BLATANT Castor Arms 

2x BLATANT Tie Rods

2x BLATANT Knuckles (Can buy on its own) 

1x Adjustment Spanner


BLATANT Lower Control and Caster Arms

- Adjustable LCA Length from 335mm to 400mm

- High-Tensile/Chromoly Turnbuckle adjustment for both Camber and Caster

- Adjustable Rose Joint Spacing

- Adjustable lock stops

- Extremely rigid and strong to deal with high loads

- High clearance LCA and Caster rod design, can support up to 70 degrees of lock

- Fits all standard, modified or direct replacement knuckles

- Lockable 2-piece Design

- High Tensile Structural steel main construction 2-piece

- Chromoly PTFE/Kevlar-lined race Rod Ends

- Bolt on brake caliper lock stops to limit lock on lead wheel

- Professionally Tig welded



- 20mm Bump Steer correction

- Ackerman curve adjustment

- 65 Degrees of Misalignment

- Additional Length

- Additional Adjustment

- Quick change design

- Chromoly Construction

- Zinc Plated


BLATANT Knuckles

- Adjustable arm length (steering rate)

- 3-way Ackerman Adjustment

- Roll Center Correction Adjustment

- Easy Installation

- High Tensile Steel Construction (Bisalloy 80)


Adjustment Spanners

- Makes adjusting turnbuckles easier

- High Tensile Steel construction

- Zinc Plated





- Camber/LCA length

- Lead wheel lock stop (8 way)

- Roll center/Knuckle height




- Linear Ackerman (3 way)

- Arm length (2 way - 15mm)



Tie Rod End:

- Toe (60mm)

- Ackerman Curve/Bump Steer (20mm)



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For people who dont know Stewie the guy behind InetraMS and ACOSTAL. pretty much a bum that is really fucking smart when it comes to steering/akerman and geo. below is some footage of him but yeah awesome guy to watch drifting. 



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God I'm so hype on this. I have absolutely no need for it, but will probably end up buying for the sole reason of supporting a company that finally cared enough to release something for these stupid cars.

My biggest question is, given that I drive my car A LOT, longevity is a huge determining factor for me. The main lower ball joint on the LCA looks welded in place. Are the heims serviceable? Does Acostal use universal joints or will I have to contact Acostal any time the joints start to wear out?

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Pretty sure there clipped in there like his others and universal item. but will double-check

Also the same thought, I was going to stick with stock arms extended and just average knuckles with akerman. but now thinking i might just go there and be done with it. as to be honest i CBF developing new front tension rods to use stock items LOL. 

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