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Toyota X Chassis Workshop Manual and Wiring Guide Motherload

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These might already be known to most here, but I wanted to create a indexable thread for Google so in the future if someone is looking for these they can find them easier.


So when I was looking for workshop manuals and wiring diagrams for my JZX81 I stumbled across every Japanese scanned workshop manual and wiring diagram for almost every model of X chassis. This includes the pre-X Mark II Coronas (RT6X) all the way through the JZX100.


Basically if you search on Yahoo Japan Auctions for "jzx配線図" which is "JZX Wiring Diagrams" you will see a bunch of results for CD-ROMS marked with "CD". These apparently are scans of all of these workshop and wiring manuals being sold for around $30 a volume. I don't know if it's Toyota who made these, a authorized reseller of Toyota publications or if they're all ripped without permission. Either way, doing a Google PDF file type search and some Kanji I found these CDs on Ciscokids's server. I understand that these models were never designed for export, and getting the documents legitimately outside of Japan is very difficult and sometimes impossible. I've contacted Toyota US about getting Japanese market repair and wiring manuals added to TIS due to the increase of 25 year imports in the US lately. They basically told me no and to call Toyota in Japan and ask them. I do believe in right-to-repair and sharing these documents for old out of production cars should not have a big impact financially on the company. But, if you're from Toyota reading this and want these taken down please contact me ASAP.




Get the manuals


They have tons of good stuff here: http://www.ciscokids.com.au/technical/


Buried here are the manuals in question: http://www.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Japanese%20manuals/


Now you can pull them all down from there or look at them directly on my Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IKDO1U5uq5R8Tci7o3EnI9t1crHmo-Id?usp=sharing


I also backed the zip files up on AWS S3 here:

VOL 2 = T60->X10 1970-1972 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+2.zip

VOL 4 = X10->X30 1976-1977 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+4.zip

VOL 6 = X60->X70 1980-1984 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+6.zip

VOL 7 = X70->X80 1985-1991 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+7.zip

VOL 8 = X80->X90 1992-1995 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+8.zip

VOL 9 = X90+X70 Wagon 1995-1997 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+9.zip

VOL 10 = X100+V20 Wagon 1998-2001 https://s3.amazonaws.com/jzxp/RepairManuals/VOL+10.zip



How to Navigate the manuals


So inside of each VOL folder you will see ichiran.pdf file. This is the main index PDF which tells you what models the volume covers. The first page of the index looks like this:




From left to right:

1) Blue is the Description Manual

2) Orange is the Repair Manual

3) Red is the Wiring Manual

4) Green is the Owner's Manual


To navigate the PDFs you have a couple options:

1) Download the volume(s) you want and extract them on your computer then use Adobe Reader to view. This will allow the hyperlinks built into the ichiran.pdf document to function and made navigating easier.

2) If you're using the Google drive link (probably on your phone) then it's a little harder. On the far left column is a ID number, that numbers sometimes corresponds the folder names in the VOL directory. Otherwise you pretty much have to dissect the filename and start manually opening stuff to figure out what is what.


File name breaks down as follows ___

Manual types are, O = Owners, W=Wiring, R=Repair, I=Information (shows facts about the model, chassis, major components, new features, etc)


Example: 128_W_E-GX70G_1988_9 = Wiring Diagram for Sept/1988 GX70 Wagon


Reading the manuals


OK so now is the hard part, how the hell do you read these if you don't speak Japanese? Well I use Google Translate on my phone mostly. Like most Japanese technical writings they use a lot of english for their acronyms, so along with the diagrams/drawings this will help you narrow down your search and give you a good idea of what a particular document's topic is. Since these are image scans and haven't been OCR'd, built in translation plugins might not work. So for now I open up Google Translate on my iPhone/Android and use it's live photo translation function. The live version is a little sketchy sometimes so use the take a photo button at the bottom and highlight with your finger what you need a more precise translation on.








For Google


RT61 RT62 Toyota Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, RX10 RX11 Corona Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, RX30 MX31 MX32 Chaser Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, RX60 RX61 MX61 MX63 Chaser Cresta Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, SX70 LX70 GX70 GX71 MX73 Chaser Cresta Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, YX80 SX80 LX80 GX80 GX81 JZX81 MX81 MX83 Chaser Cresta Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, LX90 SX90 GX90 JZX90 Chaser Cresta Mark II wiring manual and repair manual, SX100 GX100 JZX100 JZX101 JZX105 JZX100W JZX105W Chaser Cresta Mark II wiring manual and repair manual

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1. You'd need someone from Toyota in Japan to send you a cease and desist.

2. They don't give a shit.

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thanks brian, not only for collecting and posting this stuff but also for keeping the doors open here.



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Has to use my own post to wire up my speakers. Rear speaker wire colors are different in JZX81 vs MX83.







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look at the pin numbers to colors.... maybe someone had a misprint?


Looks right to me LH RH just switched positions in the diagram but then again I am colorblind.


I guess your model probably fell on that 2nd color option haha

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yeah the diagrams were flipped and also the positive wiring was different colors. why i had to look it up at all was because there were four plugs back there. the additional plugs were used for something else non audio related.

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A lot of manuals of mine have been put up. want to know the kicker, I work for said company that creates this wonderful car :P lol

Anyway they are all like this because i took my old site down to re create it and well work has me building all the dealership websites/applications and it has really killed my mood for building my own.

The missing volumes i do have at home and are going to upload it is just finding the time, if you have any requests let me know and i will see if i can get it via Japan or via work.



i dont like spamming my link or facebook shit but feel free to give facebook a like or send me a PM and i will send you some Ciscokids stickers :)




these are also video's you might want to watch JZtech is simply a Japanese Hyperrev 1JZ special, in fact not that great but the 2nd Vid is drifting.com how to build a 2JZ special so everything you need to know about building a JZ

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http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/toyota/     These are Toyota programs used by Toyota in australia. will probobly not work with out licenses but if you can get them working let me know how and i will add an instructional manual for it. 
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/textbook/  Educational book's in regards to automotive learning. (aero, tuning ect)
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/1JZ Engine/   JZ Engine manual's
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/  92 USDM Cressida Manual
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Toyota Wire Harness Repair.pdf  Toyota wiring harness repair manual 
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Cressida MX83/Wiring Diagram/  All Cressida Wiring diagrams including wiring 7MGTE into X8 and Digital Dash into X83
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Supra A70 A80/   A70 Manuals Use for 7MGTE item's, and A80 is 97+ so use that for 2JZ VVTI item's 
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/manual/Japanese manuals/  Now all Japanese complete collection
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/greddyE01/  Greddy E01 firmware 
http://www.technical.ciscokids.com.au/technical/vid/ JZ special japan magazine DVD and the other is realst how to build JZ engine manual thing. 

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