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WTB: Mk3 W58 shift lever housing & retainer, W58 front half driveshaft

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This might be a long shot but I need these two pieces from a Mk3 Supra W58 (the ones on the left)






Maybe one of you has these or a ruined trans they're willing to pull them off of. Before I decide to hack up my own retainer.



Also need a W58 driveshaft for X7




Pls help me blow up my W58

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W58s shed gear teeth just sitting in storage....


Have the aluminum casting, but the pins have been removed. I have the pins, but the heads that are peened over to retain them have been removed, to extract them.

Call it exploratory surgery, when I was figuring out how to install an S13 Ikeya sequential shifter onto a W58.


If your capable of correcting the situation....

I could do it, Rue could do it.

But we are machinists, and I understand that not everyone is.

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