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Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

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Phase 1:


I found a pearl white X8 w/ grey interior on craigslist in bum fuck nowhere Washington.

The guy bought it from an old man who drove it and then upgraded and bought a Lexus and then passed it down to his son.

After about 1.5 years it blew the head gasket @ 230k and he sold it to this guy in Washington and he replaced the HG and had to sell it due to him moving to Florida. It was immaculate and bone stock. Picked it up for $1500.




I drove it for a few weeks and then its passenger brake line blew up and i had to replace the front brake lines and while i was there painted the calipers off the shelf chevy muscle car orange/red for extra cool points. and for some reason i thought it was a good idea to use anti seize on the lug studs. My first time ever working on a car and i was clueless.





My first goal was to 5 speed swap it. After a couple hours of research i figured out that everyone's w58's were shit and found a mk3 R154 on a Facebook drift page for $550 at a local shop with a 30 day warranty.




After a couple more hours i figured out everything i needed to make the swap happen (shout out to driftmotion and Xcessive):




I then found a d-max vented hood in Newberg, Or for $100 and riveted it on for extra jdm fucc boi points.




Found some $30 S14 springs for some poor boy low.




At this point i had the 5 speed swap done and was waiting for a driveline and i picked up some mk3 supra wheels for $50.




I did a couple celebratory burnouts/donuts and realized that open diffs suck and i had a lot of play in the rear end.

found a 3.93 MK3 diff in the middle of nowhere Oregon and picked it up. Painted it race car red and me and my friend Jeff McCall installed the Xcessive poly subframe bushings and poly diff bushings, MK3 diff adapter and sub frame re-enforcement plate.








Got all the parts installed and got an alignment. I thought i was the coolest dude on the block.




Then after about 2 months of daily driving I acquired a rod knock after doing a donut showing off for friends.

And that was pretty much my first 1 year of Cressida ownership.

I spent the rest my year not doing shit tryna save up and buy a house and i eventually bought a house in Vancouver, WA.

That's when phase two happened. I'll post it later if i have time.

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Phase 2 started:


I found a cool pic of me fucking around with the cressida in a warehouse district in "mexico"




I started procrastinating on pulling the motor and started fucking around with other things.

I half ass installed a accord bumper:




Then some Aero catch hood pins:




After all my pussy footing i finally grew some balls and pulled the 7m to fix it while i was waiting for my house i bought to finalize





While i had it pulled i realized 7m ate the 3rd or 4th rod bearing. So i replaced them per the factory toyota spec.

put it back in and couldn't get the motor to start. So i gave up and said fuck it im buying a JZ when i move into my new place.


A friend of mine photo shopped jay-z into my bay as a joke.




Last pic i have of it as a 7m powered yacht.





After tons of research i realized i wanted a 1j and after i read Kaizen motor sports blog on vvti i fell in love.




So a day or two later i bought a auto vvti 1j from a jzx100 from jdm motor import from Longbeach, CA.

i got it for $1450 shipped with uncut harness, ecu, igniter, MAF, and all accessories.

It was compression tested and tested very healthy. Only flaw was it arrived with a bent fuel line.




it arrived 3 days later:




ill post the rest later.

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God, please, someone figure out where he lives, and go steal all the red paint out of his garage !

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How many shitty pictures of garbage and nothing do you need?

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It gets better ngaz. Stay safe op, toltchu

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Not really a fan of the accord bumper.Other than that I'm impressed.

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Phase 3:


I had the motor and i started to buy all the things i needed to complete the swap.

picked up the Xcessive Brackets, Mounts, Braided PS line, Base plate, PS brace and Rich even gave me his last harness bar bracket for free since they are discontinued now.




pic of the brackets on the block




A/c is for girls so i deleted it and installed the ps brace.




i didn't know anyone at the time who could of fab'd me up a down pipe so i bought the future fab w/ external waste gate dump for $300

i kinda wish i had it recirculated, but w/e




i also bought the cxracing cressida non vvti 1jz kit and bought my own 90 degree reducer coupling for the turbo side.




Some more goodies i ordered arrived. i couldn't find a used oem jz flywheel anywhere so i got the 11.5lb lightweight dm flywheel, walbro 255, new bellhousing bolts to block and bolts to bellhousing to trans, oem front and rear main seal, coilpack bolts, greddy timing belt. I found a jz bellhousing on mk3 supra page for $225 shipped.






Sent my harness of to mark panic and decided to paint my bay pearl white and install my walbro 255. I also removed the rusty ass battery tray and my plans were to relocate the battery to the trunk.






Harness arrived, and it looks good.




more to come.

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I'm not.

MkIII LSD is hardly better than an open diff.

Body parts held on with O-rings is OK for RC cars, but not real ones.

And an XM harness bar is 100% pure bull shit !

If you do some searching, you will find a thread (probably in the XM vendor thread) where I point out that it's a death trap, not even as strong as the Sparco, which already killed a guy when it collapsed.

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yea i quickly figured out that the mk3 lsd wasnt much better, I upgraded it later on but i haven't gotten to to finish posting about the build. Plenty more to come. Whats held on by o-rings? also with how i drive you'll see later that i'm gunna need a cage ahaha.

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Your front bumper...


But really, I'm just fragging your ass cuz I'm bored.

Except for the harness bar.

Don't use it.

Put the thing on eBay, and sell it to someone you want dead.

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Phase 4:


Mock installed the motor.




Deleted my clutch fan and installed 2, 14" electric fans.




Fuel line was bent so i had a hell of a time find a company to make one. Found a small shop in Portland, OR called Oil Filter Services.




I relocated the new Exide sealed battery to the trunk with a modified billet aluminum meant for an Optima and added a battery kill switch. I ran the wires under the car along the brake lines.




Added some ricer dash LED's and rolled back my odometer to 0




Did a test drive at like 1am and i did a donut in every intersection within a 1 mile radius of my house and woke all my neighbors up with a redlining jz with an open downpipe. Power was considerably better than a 7mge. Figured out a few kinks and worked them out.




i was going through a ricey red rainbow fetish phase and my bay looked like a fucking circus




i quickly figured out my oem turbo was toast and i installed the rear main seal wrong and it was pissing oil out the rear main and burning oil from the shit turbo seals. Also had a full 3" exhaust made with a 3" vibrant muffler at the end tucked out of sight. Sounds gooood.




So after i had the motor running i wanted to fix all the shit wrong with the swap and refine everything and do it better.

So I pulled the fucker out again.




i bought a kinigawa oem rebuild kit off ebay and attempted a turbo rebuild. Which didn't work and i bought a Used CT15B from a friend in CO.




i didnt tighten down the oem ps pulley to spec so it worked then stopped and stripped all the teeth out of the pulley and i bought the dm lightweight pulleys.




I had my friend Steve cut and shorten my knuckles.




i found a guy who wanted my steel driveshaft and Rich told me Mark Panic was selling his old aluminum driveshaft. So i bought it. Steel driveshaft was ~20 lbs and the aluminum driveshaft is ~11lbs




My friend gave me his old intake pipe that he used on his vvti 2jzge x7 before he went big single. I eventually painted it wrinkle black.




Ordered an AEM AFR & Boost gauge from some uk scam website. After fucking me around with fake tracking numbers and no responses i filed a claim with my cc company. cc company did an investigation, refunded my money and after that the company sent me the gauges they bought off amazon and shipped them to me for more than what i paid them for them and never charged me for the original price. So i got 2 real AEM gauges for free.




Installed them in my clock and heater vent locations with some abs plastic and super glue.




Replaced my 1j water pump with a 2j pump




Then pretty much resealed the entire motor, upgraded to a 2jzgte oil pump and water pump, new ps pump, painted the block and everything that was red to white. Wire brushed all the metal parts of the motor and cleaned the motor up good, and replaced my spark plug wires with NGK's from a gs300 i believe.




Here's an updated bay pic. I also blocked off the bov bung and currently not running any bov. The bov was fucking with my car and making it run rich and die at stop lights and shit. Bov's and MAF's dont work well together apparently unless Recirculated.




Hard parking at a local car meet with no hood.




Me and my friends posing with my shit box while we were extremely drunk on my birthday.




A friend of mine wanted to do a cool photo shoot.






Went to my first drift event at Summer fest in Salem, OR and I was the crowned the spin out king. I need to work on throttle control.




More to come later.

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eh. it sucks but at least it runs? also not asking for hand holding. whos the vape bro? hope thats not you or one of your homies

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Engine bay looks so much better now that all the clutter colors are gone.

Like i said before Im impressed.

Keep the momentum going on this build man!


For the love of god please get a serialnine bumper or anything but that accord hack n slash shit.

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FYI, those aluminum shafts have a life span. Not bad stuff, but they will eventually break or fracture doing silly shit. Make it a point to inspect it every few months or after track days.

Yeah I fucking know 350z's use em, but fuck nissan shit.

Oh and come get some God damned tires you clown.

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Someone pretzeled the driveshaft in his duramax loading it up trying to race someone beside me last year. That was what you'd call a GOOD TIME.

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Yo look at money bags!


I guess it shows you can literally buy everything you need to 1j swap a Cressida now. Kinda cool.


Good job routing your battery cables on the outside of the car (that passed tech?)


Someone take away his spray cans.

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HKS makes a little black box to fix the over-rich condition caused by an open dump BOV when using a MAF.

It's called the EIDS

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And what OP has is called AIDS. Bumper looks horrible chopped all the way up to the trim. Did you just want to show off the intercooler? What were you thinking? Sawblades look wrong, too and they're too narrow to be worth wasting money on. Get to the part where you rolled it driving like ass already.

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the only things i picked up scrolling through:


- blue lights in your cluster

- honda bumper

- painted interior panels white


you should have picked up an accord instead.


also where are the topless pics of the drunk girl at your birthday?

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Vape bro is one of my best friends since high school unfortunately. He's a VW fag that kills every VW he gets his hands on so he bought a mini cooper.



Yea I had a spray can addiction and I checked myself into rehab. Also everything that is white that isn't on the motor minus the white vvti cover was professionally Painted by my friend in his shop.



i'll swing by soon. Most likely this weekend im too low and already rubbed through the sidewalls of my current tires. I'll need to raise the rear a bit more. RIP



That's good to know. If i decide to run a BOV ill scoop one of those up. I already have a HKS FCD BNIB I haven't even used yet. I bought the hks fcd when i started experiencing fuel cut at WOT and then it magically disappeared after 2 weeks of daily driving it.



Stop Spoilng all my fun secrets! I'm slowly getting to the good stuff!



I honestly kept the fuel pump resistor because i had no idea what it was for till a few weeks back my friends resistor went bad and i gave him mine. It's not there anymore.



Ahahah no topless pics. She's married.She's just a good friend i made when i used to own a 02 WRX and hung out in the SUBARU VAPE BRO CLUBS.


** Also i'm aware my accord bumper is cancer. I'm currently not running any bumper and i'm either on the hunt for a jzx81 bumpers or ill just nut up and save for a BN type 2 Kit **

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