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Sleeper MX83 build

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I looked into that.  I would have to get completely different upper and lower B pillar trim.  I can't find it on YAJ, Craigslist or ebay, so this will have to work. I also don't think any JDM spec x chassis had the same color code and fuzzy faux-suede finish that my car has.

Got the seats in the mail today though. Now I understand why these seats are so popular.  They look fantastic, are comfortable and are pretty damn light.



One item from my RHDJapan purchase is on backorder.  I won't get the seat rails or steering wheel hub stuff until the beginning of April, but I don't mind.  There's plenty of stuff to do in the meantime.



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Just don't want to hear any fucking thing that even sounds like 'harness bar'.

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You won't, don't worry. This is a street car, so no race harnesses will be put in that car. I saw a video of a guy that died Dale Earnhardt style because he had a race harness, no airbag and no neck brace.

Race harnesses don't stretch on impact like street seatbelts do, so your body stops and your head keeps going.

Keeping the stock seatbelts for sure

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