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World record: Most Dicks Chugged by New Member

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It's unlikely i will get any useful info here but Im posting up everywhere else so may as well include you inbred redneck retards.

Does anyone here have any worthy JZX90 1/4 mile times with stock (untouched) turbos? By worthy I mean anything from the 13's to the 11's. The car can have other mods. Need location, date, time and speed. More details the better.

The world's fastest stock turbo JZZ30 runs 21.5psi and ran 11.51 @ 122mph. That car is here in NZ, the previous record holder was an Australian car.

I'm collating a speadsheet so a world record for the stock turbo JZX90's can be established and then competed for.

Now, troll away...

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Why stock turbos ?

Are you that cheap ?

Or do race organizations in sheep fucker land have some really retarded rules ?


Like the NHRA suddenly requiring stock connecting rods in a top fuel car. Your idea makes no sense......


Do you suck dick much, or just when you are in your X9 ?


Here, I'll help motivate you.........


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Are you competing for a trophy that no one cares about?


Should be easier to get this:



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