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MX83 '89-'90 to '91-'92 Climate Control

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Sharing some information when I rewired my climate control.




EWD for reference.



Screenshot_2016-05-24-20-43-26-1_zpsq6rjScreenshot_2016-05-24-20-43-32-1_zps2ocq Screenshot_2016-05-25-21-02-23-1_zpso5laScreenshot_2016-05-24-20-43-41-1_zpsb079


Screenshot_2016-05-24-20-50-54-1_zps8bdw Screenshot_2016-05-24-20-51-07-1_zpsheka Screenshot_2016-05-24-20-51-13-1_zpsw1qn Screenshot_2016-05-24-20-51-20-1_zps7t28

The two connectors for climate control is H9 and H10. Connectors shown on the EWD is pictured facing the female side.



Here's the pin out to rearrange the pins to make '91-'92 climate control work on an '89-'90 chassis.



I used a small pick on the female side to detach the pins from the connector.



Label each wires/connectors accordingly for reference.

20160523_172525_zps9udvlxrd.jpg 20160523_180155_zpsukoiidef.jpg


Repin connectors from the list. Test climate control to confirm proper working condition. Clean up, rewrap wires and reassemble.

20160524_192655_zpsgvnc32u0.jpg 20160524_192455_zps0gpuwc0a.jpg 20160524_192602_zpsil41ecjo.jpg


And for of those who kept AC and wanted to go R134a.

Screenshot_2016-05-25-01-24-38-1_zpsvwzh Screenshot_2016-05-25-01-23-31-1_zpsmdqu


Thanks for reading... I hope it's understandable and helpful to some.

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Thanks for this man.

moderators should pin this.

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It'll take 3 years for this to make it to the second page. Pinning it seems unnecessary.

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