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any of u dikheds put ur dik in a x90 auto?

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I've had them on my car for 3 years, fit around an auto with just a little clearance issues,


First, cut the flanges off the primary pipes, both at the turbo, and back where they join the collector.

Now bolt the flanges to the turbos, and the collector.

Hang the collector, and the rest of the system.


Then staring with the front turbo's primary pipe, hold it up in place.

You will see the slight angle that the pipe needs to be at, so it clears the bell housing.

Tack it in place, unbolt the flanges, and finish welding it.

Put it back into place, and repeat with the rear turbo primary pipe.

Notice that you will have to cut 1/2" (13mm) off it, and add a short section of mandrel bend. About 15 degrees worth.




Can you handle it ?

If not, I'm sure there is some sheep fucking moron at your local muffler & plumbing shop that can handle it.

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If you were cool you'd run it as true dual and ditch that midpipe and rear section you just bought. The soundzzzz


But stop being a fag twins are for fags. Fag.

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"You guys are completely useless faggots but I still feel the need to come to you and ask stupid-fucking-questions"

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