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Curse of the Cressida

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cressida is functioning, still needs some stuff, like the fans put on a thermo switch and not being on all the time. has beats, its aligned and has the same wheels and tires all around now.  it was flat when i measured it before alignment, but now that it has the same wheels and tires, and ironically the same camber front and rear, i need to re measure and adjust.  this photo was taken on a hill so its a bit loaded to the back.
this car is a paradox.  has re71r's in 215/45 all around, and runs -5 camber all around lol, wheel sizing is limited.  thats 17x9 +17 all around and it barely fits. gotta be weary of tire and wheel sizing on this thing as the fitment is spot on and only has so much clearance in the back being a 4 door even after heavy mods to cut weld and move everything in the back. 

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