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Curse of the Cressida

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holy shit, thats laughable. if i go turbo some day, that will be an upgrade and ill refer back to this post. thanks man

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Dear Diary,

 Cressida has 4 gauge power wire. going to upgrade that. battery might have a very slow drain on it even with the kill switch. sits at 12.3 or so, and with car on, its 14.2 or whatever. the 4 gauge wire is like 40mm thick and the supras is 50mm thick and runs half the electronics lol. both cars have the same dual 12inch fans go on start up maybe thats what pushes the thinner wire over the edge after the car is warm and the wire gets hotter? i started it and then turned it off and started back up again. only did it the once though, seems same ol same ol but i still dont trust it to not leave me stranded.


tried some 15s on for shits and giggles as i got a tire machine back in the fall i think


been driving the d21 to work this past week to test out the clean and rebuilt fuel injectors, now no longer leaking fuel over everything. i radius'd the front arches as well as one was rotten and cleared and the other was decent and caught the tire, so i wanted to see what it looked like...better. still needs radius'd pathfinder/4x4 fenders though and i have some beat up pathfinder fenders to mod for the rear to flare the rear out.


s13...i keep looking at the wires and slowly started to tidy them up. got some motivation to work on that after our first practise this past saturday...more interested in making the s13 mobile so i can toss the cressida in the shed and fix the rear end and make it feel nice and firm and reliable so i can start to drive it on a regular basis to and from work or something. then it will be a toss up of putting the s13 back in the shed to swap rear ends or to start on the supra. supra runs and drives and drifts fine as is, but the 2j will be a lot better and ill be adding PS back to the car and should make the car perfect...does require 2-3k thereabouts to finish mind you and will once again be slow with wiring in the link ecu. should have been a smart man and have one drift car or something




also got a wrecked crv for parts and swapped the entire exterior and interior as the outside had all kinds of old damage and is a early model and the late model had a bunch of painted parts so updated that, and the interior was old and the driver seat was shitty so the new car had half the kms on it (ours is at 380k kms?) and was dark grey and has tinted windows, so its been nice.  had to modify the back seat belt buckles today as they change the receivers and the belts in the later model which was odd, so i trimmed the buckle to allow the old style to go deeper and then made the d shape on the belt more into a square so now they lock.  the early and late model have different rear seat bases and allow the rear seats to flip up and forward for some reason and thats where the belts go on the early model. late model has the belts on the seats ... its needlessly complicated and doesnt make much sense unless you look at it so really who cares.



lastly, civic wasnt a bad snow car after i put a crv spare wheel in the boot so i had some rear weight. a ligth car in the snow doesnt make a great one but did the job of getting me to and from work and over an un plowed highway


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haha I thought I was crazy with 1.5 drift cars and a daily.  But I can't image working up the will to work on any of them haha.  Radius on the truck actually looks pretty cool!

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