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New Look / Same Poor Taste

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I dont like the premade intercooler kits for JZX.  The cores are mounted too far forward so you have to cut the fuck out of the bumper frame and lower bumper cover. The piping makes a beeline for the front corner of the engine bay and takes an unnecessarily long detour through the corner of the bumper.  Which is understandable given the location of all the stock components (clutch fan blade, air box, side mount IC etc).

I wanted a more direct path, which I achieved by cutting up some random Wuhan piping kit for a WRX that looked like it had bends that fit. Which it did. 



^my uncle made this pipe flaring tool years ago out of an old AC tensioner bracket


I had to go down to an 18x12x3" core and mount it off-center, but it fits cleanly behind the bumper frame and next to the A/C receiver/dryer.  




In place of the original power steering "cooler" hard line is this one from a Ford Flex? Freestyle? Dont remember.



So with that I'm able to keep a relatively original looking bumper with minimal cutting. Except now it will look retarded in an entirely different way with the offset intercooler. Might just black everything out now, or wait until I see what looks like together outside. 



^Last heat exchanger I need to mount is the engine oil cooler, which will go where the stock side mount intercooler would've been.  Radiator was easy mode. JZX100 Koyo and IS300 dual fan assy was pretty much drop in. 

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Nice job on the CV19 intercooler.......

What diameter tubing is that ?

Like your uncle's style !

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Tubing is all 2.5" except for the 2.75" freddy style cast elbow that will be right off the throttle body 

This tool has to be close to 20 years old now. I forget what he used for the inside roller but it's hand ground and polished to match the shape of the outer one


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