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Tell me more about how you fitted up your j spec front bar. Did you have the OEM rebar or anything? I was going to weld on some guide plates under my headlights to hold my bumper up..mines just the skin with a single mount in the center and the aluminium sheet for the ic. Tell me more about your magic

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Thanks for the tip Gordon, I can be a knucklehead using brake cleaner on fucking everything with disregard for what material or finish it is.

My front bumper mounting is actually pretty crude and lazy. I only ever had the GX bumper cover and not the bar. I literally just kept cutting the stock Cressida bumper frame until the bumper cover fit over it. It's still in one piece, no foam insert either.  The top edge of the cover is just draped over the flange at the top of the bumper frame instead of screwed to it with that flat piece with the studs on it because that rotted and fell apart.  I was too lazy to make a new one from scratch so I threw it together like that and never fucked with it further.  The only evidence of it sitting too far in is where the grille overhangs it in the center.  Screws to the front corners of the fender like stock and lower corners of the bumper have home made brackets connecting to the body similar to stock

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