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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out the bare minimum wiring needed to get this 1JZ VVTi running off the jzx100 ecu (89661-22790) spliced into the OEM ecu. I've got this sheet with the current wiring setup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpEVmfAjzOJC8lv222NVwjEgKTAu4l8ZFxO9HQDKr0I/edit?usp=sharing My XE10 ecu will be controlling the throttle, since the ETCS-i should adjust the throttle based on target RPM/idle and thus change TPS values, which the jzx100 will read (tapped) add/remove fuel based on that TPS+MAF value. I'm not saying any of the above is correct, just trying to figure out why this pos wont run on the JZX100 ecu. (runs and idles well on stock ecu +EMU) - The ecu looks clean on the inside, but who knows that could be bad too. The goal is to remove the EMU so that I can drive on stock mapping for a bit and then add the EMU back in when I start changing stuff around. ps: a lot of the pins were confirmed also by looking at the EMU wiring, since they have the pinouts for the jzx100
  2. ktm841

    1j / 2j Ignition Coil amp draw?

    So I am rewiring my whole x8, it has a 1j with stock Ignition Coils. The circuit will be switched to manually complete the coil circuit. I am trying to find out how many amps all 6 coils will draw. After doing some research, I have found that calcuting the amps drawn off of an ignition coil is fairly complicated (you have to know dwell, capacitor ratings, peak voltage, resistance changes, etc)... I don't have any of the equipment or knowledge to do that. I know they are ran through the AM2 30a fuse if you swap into an mx83, obvisouly that fuse is setup for a stock 7m not sure what a jzx has but I do know that the AM2 30a is capable of running everything considering it doesn't blow so..... Need opinions on this theory. I am using 14.5 volts on this as higher voltage = higher amp draw. AM2 30a powers: -Injectors. my stock 1j 350's averaged 13.5ohms = 1 amp x6 = 6amps -15a EFI fuse = Not sure everything that this powers but fuel pump, o2, and ECU. but its rated 15a so = 15a -7.5 IGN fuse = +12v ecu, = 7.5a That gives me 28.5 amps, not much room left for the coils. Obivoulsy the EFI and IGN fuses aren't going to be pulling that much current, so lets say 5 and 10, thats still only 9amps for coils... So based on this theory than can't pull more than 10 amps right?