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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have a JZX81 Cresta auto and I am doing a W58 manual swap. I need to know about driveshafts. I dont know jack about them. Do i need to buy a new driveshaft to replace the JZX81 auto driveshaft? I don't know what fits where and what doesnt. Any information helps. Thanks a ton!!
  2. i have a stock bellhousing for a w58 off of a 91 mk3 supra NA. this 7mge bellhousing is in great shape and will include the clutch fork, throw out bearing, and slave cylinder for 50$ as a package deal. if not 35$ for the bellhousing. located in so cal, will ship for the right price. hit me up if serious with a PM or 760-713-3275. everyone knows what this shit looks like. if you dont, you prolly dont even need it.im using the w58 for my 1uzfe sc400. If you need an mk3 tranny i can get you one for 225$
  3. EDIT: confirmed parts list at bottom of this post okay. ive broken too many r154s and no i will not drive like a woman to avoid blowing the shit up. After breaking my last one, ive decided to put marlin crawler shit thrust washer and shift fork in it and begin thinking of more reasonable alternatives that will keep me on the track and not cost 10k. Im tired of breaking r154s, and having to pay 800+ for a r154 with 150k miles on it that is unknown condition. Steve from drift union may be on jzxp but on zt he updated his thread with some info on dogboxes mated to a jz http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=30294.420 about half way down page 29 is where jerico 4 speed info starts said jz to trans bellhousing http://www.summitracing.com/parts/qti-rm-4031 NOW, what im curious about is 1. how does one bolt a "tilton triple plate" to a jz block? 2. does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? 3. what hydro throw out bearing does one use? 4. What about the starter. jz starter to tilton flywheel? vid from steves soarer UPDATE OF CONFIRMED PARTS LIST 1. obviously the transmission itself. jericho 4 speed 2. Tilton 2j flywheel with twin plate clutch 3. quicktime jz to common 4 bolt trans bellhousing. REQUIRES APROX. 1" of shortening for jericho input shaft to enter pilot bearing 4. make your own trans mount 5. 1pc driveshaft with the yoke for whatever trans your running 6. GM style Hydro Throw out bearing 7. hammer/cut the fuck out of your transmission tunnel to fit whatever expensive shifter you go with for the trans
  4. Guest

    WTB: W58 Shifter Assembly

    Looking for a shifter assembly for a W58 out of an MKIII Supra. Yes I have called my local junkyards. Yes I have checked craigslist. Yes I have been checking Ebay. Nada . Short and the sweet of it. Found a W58 on CL semi local to me, very reasonable price. Drive 2 hrs to get it... broken shifter, broken reverse sensor, missing bell housing. Now the bell housing and sensor are not a biggie. Going 1uz anyways, and the sensors are cheap and very readily available. Figured it was still for the money to pick it up, didn't realize the shifter assembly was going to be such a cunt to find. Also, I'd rather not spend $260 for the Beech short shifter thing. Toyotaoverstockparts.com has the full assembly for $145 new old stock, but would like to see if I can snag a used one first. Halp a brotha out! Tom
  5. Demesio

    JZX83 for sale

    1992 cressida 233,700 miles alright ladies i've had this thing for a while now and i've built it all on trial and error. I has been a long expensive journey and im extremely happy with it as it is now but i want to do this all over again with the experience i've gained on this beautiful car. Engine: 94 2jzge: 10k miles on it, has new bearings, rings, seals, plugs, wires, tt headgasket, arp head studs, and a damn sweet port and polished head. its drilled and tapped for oil feed and return for going turbo.. it will even come with the manifold Drivetrain steel plate w58, i've got about 2k miles on the new spec stage 3 clutch, 1 piece steel driveshaft that is connected to a fresh mk3 differential with a solid pinion spacer and 2nd clutch spring, XM subframe bushings I've done all round maintenance to this car since i've had the 2jz, everything is pretty much new. New steering rack, and all the ac stuff is still in there, ready to be recharged. The only thing it lacks is some fancy coilovers. im looking for around 5k for it, not too eager to sell it yet since im still currently looking for another cressida, i am located in so cal, PM me if you got any questions
  6. shoesandsocks

    W58 7m swap parts

    Need to make so many so im giving up my five speed swap I have a 7m w58 with bell housing supra mk3 clucth pedal driveshaft and shifter have the metal clutch line and the slave cylinder although the slave is kinda ganked up so i would get a new one pretty much just needs the flywheel and clucth and it would be a full swap i dont have them cause this was gonna go on my 1uz so my loss your gain would like to sell as a whole for 320 just need the money right now once the cash flow starts to increase ill just keep it if your interested please call or text me at 520 609 4185 but dont pm me cause it will take me forever to respond