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Found 8 results

  1. brandonnn1002

    WTB: 1JZ VVTi ECU and harness

    I am in desperate need of a 1jz gte vvti wiring harness and ECU. I have this stuff, but it's for the fly by wire type throttle body and I can't use that in the car that it's in. Better yet, I don't want to use it. I'm located in Tampa, FL. Let me know what you have please! I need this car on the road.
  2. I may have tossed mine in the trash a long time ago, but some recent digging (I know it was done on 3si circa 2005) got me to look-up cheap EBC. While I was looking over some 1JZ vvti pictures and noticed that there is some type of control valve right above the 'expansion chamber' (blue plug) It does seem to fit the 3 nipple boost solenoid feature, with a 2-wire type switch. For those that still have it, what does it actually do in OEM/factory setup? Is this to 'bleed-off' excessive boost and bypass the DV? The idea is to hook it up as a proper boost solenoid: And use the EMU to control the duty-cycle and get full wastegate (0%) or full boost (100% bleed) on it. Thoughts?
  3. I'm trying to figure out the bare minimum wiring needed to get this 1JZ VVTi running off the jzx100 ecu (89661-22790) spliced into the OEM ecu. I've got this sheet with the current wiring setup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpEVmfAjzOJC8lv222NVwjEgKTAu4l8ZFxO9HQDKr0I/edit?usp=sharing My XE10 ecu will be controlling the throttle, since the ETCS-i should adjust the throttle based on target RPM/idle and thus change TPS values, which the jzx100 will read (tapped) add/remove fuel based on that TPS+MAF value. I'm not saying any of the above is correct, just trying to figure out why this pos wont run on the JZX100 ecu. (runs and idles well on stock ecu +EMU) - The ecu looks clean on the inside, but who knows that could be bad too. The goal is to remove the EMU so that I can drive on stock mapping for a bit and then add the EMU back in when I start changing stuff around. ps: a lot of the pins were confirmed also by looking at the EMU wiring, since they have the pinouts for the jzx100
  4. shiftdrift

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    up for sale is a 1jz vvti/jzx100 ecu for manual trans. took the covers off and it looks clean/no corrosion inside. asking 200 shipped.
  5. Just like the title says. I am selling my Power FC this is for a 1JZ VVTi. I bought it new from Negun about 1 1/2 years ago. I have come to terms that I will probably never get it in the car and tuned before I have to sell it. So my loss is your gain. I have the original box and it has the New EL commander along with it. It has no tune besides the base map that it comes with from Apex'i. I installed it once just to make sure it worked and it had no problems. I want 600 OBO, you know how much they are normally so this isn't a bad deal. No lowballing.
  6. I bought this and then got my MS3X standalone working while it was on it's way to my house. It's BNIB and ready to go. Comes with the newest Commander. These things are awesome and are completely plug and play. $1100 Need it gone ASAP! If you'd like to view my feedback on Zilvia... http://zilvia.net/f/traderratings.html?u=64755
  7. Guest

    Bay area check in

    Names Joe im 23 years old. I been threw a boat load of S/Z chassis cars but thats not here nor there. I always loved rust magnet cars with four doors so i bought a Cressida last week. The car ran and was maybe only 10miles away from my house but i towed it home anyway with my AAA. I fucking hate 7m's and will deny they ever existed to a Toyota Master Tech. I bought a jzx100 1J and a r154 the next day.I have a boat load of parts ready to install water pump,arp head studs,head gasket,mk3 diff/bushings,300zx brakes,random leftover wheels,control arms,trac rods and othercool shit. Plans with the car, drag and pimp hoes. Now for pics.. As of today. never had a 7m here much needed cleaning.. clean 1j R154 and rad. So yeah i have everything but wiring. This is were jzxproject comes into play one of you guys can convert yes?