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Found 1 result

  1. The Cressida when I first got it, $300, was supposed to be a daily driver. Wanted to fix all the holes in it though. Some experimenting with body work. Just to give you an idea this was ONE corner of the car. Anyway got a junk mk3 turbo supra donor, put the r154 in the cressida, put the turbo on the 5m, megasquirted it and ran it like that for a while. I did do some things to the engine, tried out a old seat grinder. Did some autox for fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lSp3nYvAKAI http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m16KAQ9WTKw and whatever, the whole time I was considering what my next move would be, yea it needs suspension, multiple other things... wanted more power better gas mileage. Decided to go vvti 1JZ. So I had this corolla that I spent many dollars on, fwd and slow despite building a pretty serious N/A engine it was probably only 200hp if that and I spent less than 1/4 of what I spent on it on the turbo 5m and definitely had more power. Last time it was running and together before Jz-day Basically funding my 1jz swap + other shit that will be done, still have to sell more corolla shit. Oh traded the shell without engine or trans for a 84 X6 wagon... piece of shit, no idea what I'll do with it. Oh... I pulled out the 5mgte and sold it with the harness and megasquirt for $600, pretty decent if you ask me. Jz-day Was sent a incorrect ecu... extra harness... got shit rectified and a free ignitor. Problem was the harness for the proper ecu had crushed plugs. I found that plugs from a lexus v6 are exactly the same. Sweet. Did stuff to the jz like timing belt, crank seal etc for some odd reason I decided to actually paint the engine bay Put the engine in oh yea my sick jzx100 downpipe Fitment... mint So I was gonna use the stock rad and my old water to air intercooler setup but imo the water to air was so redundant how it would have to be piped, I have the cross in front of the engine anyway. Why not do air to air? Infact might as well get a new rad too. And this is an example of one of my retarded ideas that actually happens... Well might as well V-mount it works better in theory. Just takes an incredible amount of work. As of today. Rad mounted. Still have to finishing welding, reinforcing some shit, paint that shit. Intercooler mounting is next.