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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so cut and paste from my intro My name's Mitch. I'm an Aussie and I own a 1JZ R154 1989 Cressida. I knew sweet fuck all about the mechanical side of cars before I started this build. Good project to start off with... I bought a JZZ30 soarer halfcut that came with the R154 about april/may last year. I intended to put the 1J in my hilux. Turned out to be a fuck around so I looked elsewhere. I've always had a thing for the jzx81 chaser and figured if I cant pick 1 up I'll just build a cressida. Got a sweet deal on a S1 and S2 cressida for $400 with the intention of making one car out of the two. I sold the S2 to a mate for $200. So my rolling shell cost me $200 The series 1 had no FAIL-Mge, auto slopbox, tailshaft or diff, also came with a munted cross member thanks to a botched 2j conversion, a digi dash with missing plugs and fucked wiring, 3 flat tires and a fucked rear window seal. After a shit load of research (i.e. search button) I got started on the swap in what little free time I had. I'm not going to fill this intro with bullshit about me. You dont care and thats not why this forum is here. Plus, I honestly cbf writing it so here's my cressida... Whats been done in no particular order. Mods So Far Engine: 1jz-gte from 95 JZZ30 Soarer 3" Dump 3" Exhaust 3" High Flow Cat w- Twin 2.5" Boso/Drift Pipes Oil Filter Cooler/Relocation Kit (Waiting on) Fabbed New Sump Baffle Plate New Clutch Master/Braided Lines PS Braided Lines/Oil Cooler FMIC 2.5" Surge/3" Intake BA Twin Thermo Fans Cold Air Box (soon to be replaced) Driveline: R154 (2nd gear blues) Unknown Heavy Duty Clutch Single Piece Tailshaft LSD series 2 Diff Suspension: Emotion Coilovers + Camber Tops TechnoToyTuning RCA's Brakes: R33 GTS-T Brake Calipers/BA Slotted Rotors//Hub-centric Rings Braided Brake lines Front and Rear Interior: Deep Dish Steering Wheel (eGay) Sound Deadening Removed Boost Guage Greddy Turbo Timer/Profec Spec II Boost Controller Aftermarket Tacho eGay Sparco Bucket Seats JDM Fog Headlights JDM Tyte Dildo Shifter Exterior: Factory Sunroof Series 2 Front Bar Series 1 Front Lip Magna Clear Front Indicators Move Battery to Boot/Earth from Boot to Block/Chassis Walbro Intank + External Fuel Pump + Surge Tank Future Mods Entire XM catalogue Bolt -in Rollcage Front & Rear Mako Sway Bars Front Strut Bar Nolathane Bushes All Round Skyline 2 Pot Rear Brake Upgrade w- Slotted Rotors Microtech LT16 with X6 box and handset Single Turbo Upgrade (Response/Power GT3040 Internally Gated) Anyways here's the photo's 1J goes in FMIC and Blitz bov (genuine) Engine bay Coilovers Interior pre Buckets How it sits now Paint and lower to come. Having too much fun in it for now....