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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have a JZX81 Cresta auto and I am doing a W58 manual swap. I need to know about driveshafts. I dont know jack about them. Do i need to buy a new driveshaft to replace the JZX81 auto driveshaft? I don't know what fits where and what doesnt. Any information helps. Thanks a ton!!
  2. Alright so i have a 1jz-r154-1992 cressida aka mx83, i have all supporting mods (injectors ,built r154, spec 700ft lbs rated clutch , 1 piece driveshaft, subframe reinforcement plate, full suspension, coilovers , and 67mmm turbo, power goal for the 1jz is 700 to the wheels!! What i have so far:: 2 walbro 450s(e 85 rated) im running a -8 e85 rated fuel line for the feed and using the stock -6 feed as a -6 return! i have all fuel fittings and everything I need to know how everyone running their dual pump setups? please help i have no idea if both walbros 450 will fit together in the main fuel pump hanger hole , it doesnt look big enough for both pumps, can anyone share photos? or has anyone ran dual pumps on a mx83 , and if so how? please share & help! ( I ALSO HAVE TONS OF MX83 PARTS, BLUE TINTED SUNROOF WITH PERFECT, NOT CRACK OR SCRATCHED BEZELS, FULL INTERIORS(GREY AND BLUE), DOOR HANDLES , STEERING WHEELS, ETC)
  3. chrishmurda

    x8 hippo sleek sideskirts

    great condition. email: chrismernagh@hotmail.com
  4. pelliccio7

    WTS/WTT/WTB and shit

    I have a couple things you queers may need and I need a couple things as well, no homo. WTS: 2jzgte aristo jzs147 a/t OEM ECU no fuel cut or speed cut bullshit Denso 680cc injectors Blitz Dual SBC electronic boost controller Some ricer top fuel toyota shift knob synapse super synchronic bov 300zx brakes d2 handbrake w/ slave WTB: gx81 or jzx81 rear bumper and whatever i need to mount it to an x8, any color I want the r32 gtr front lip that fits the mkii front bumper oem jdm rain guards
  5. vagazzlesammystraya

    Jzx81/mx83 1jz gte ecu options

    Hi guys New to the forum. From Australia Now, I have a mx83 cressida with a full jzx81 half cut in it. I have searched and searched but is there any aftermarket options for the jzx81 ecu. Be it stand alone or or plug and play.?
  6. alright nerds figured i'd check here before i go and spend my dollars somewhere else. I need a few things to get this off season build started. BC 272/272 Cams for 1jz NON VVTI BC spring/retainer kit for jz jzx81 chaser headlights and corner lights jzx81 grill jzx81 fenders (mainly just the front half of them so i can match them to some mx83 fenders) some id1300 or whatever x6 LMK. I live in florida. HOLLA