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Found 10 results

  1. TravisMX83

    Jzx100 AnimalStyle knuckles

    I have a brand-new set of AnimalStyle knuckles that I got from Julian. $300 takes them!
  2. OversteerBrothers

    1.5JZ JZX100

    This is my JZX100 Chaser. Under the bay it has a 2jz Block with a 1JZ VVTI head Combo. A Massive T88-34D Greddy Turbo for whenever it is urgent to get to the Grocery Store. This is My DriftMachine. If you want to see some videos of it in action, Head over to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZStHtomHy-WEYJCC7fCeQ
  3. WTB for my '96 JZX100 Chaser: Left rear tail light Factory rear bumper beam Right front fender Located in Kelowna BC Canada, don't mind paying freight. 250-540-9343 Fourfunctionautosport@gmail.com
  4. Sooooo sup Guys..... I'm Dirty, I've been around for a while just have been kinda stagnate. I bought my X8 almost 2 years ago and have done very little, to be honest more has been done in the last week then in the last 2 years. About a year ago JIC coilovers installed and sitting on VSKF's I made a few mistakes in the first month of owning this car and its caused all the time to be wasted. Listing because I want to. 1.Got the car as a future daily but was driving an rx7 project car already. 2.I bought some Fucking baller wheels (although for a good price IMO) 3.I didnt hop on the first affordable NA 2j I came across (which was my original plan) 4. I picked up some coilovers and they were a project at that. So now after all this time and attempting to sell my Cressida and/or the coilovers I did the sensiable thing and sold my perfectly running mostly finished Rx7 and got this The importer tells me its a jzx100 motor theres a sticker on the harness that says 1998 Obviously its low miles (supposedly) and my plan is to do serpentine belt and some hoses and shove it into my Cressida with the auto... money is going to be tight on this build and sacrifices are going to made to get it initially running quickly but Im going to try not to cut corners I wanted to start on the car this weekend but we had un-characteristic rain in LA So I got started today. after I took this picture I removed the header and called it a day came with free seat belt and I thought you guys should see how hacked it was I couldnt figure out a good reason for this hose to be cut but what the fuck ever tell me that its not that bad^^^ this was a selling point tbh might pull the block tomorrow Tomorrow Im gonna make a list of all the things I need mostly for my sake and go from there.
  5. Got a few mafs in stock. All of them have been tested and in good working condition. No cracks, i can include pigtails if needed. $85 shipped in the US Hit me up for international shipping
  6. Brought a few of these in recently, working on getting 100 MarkII soon as well. Version:Select type 1 for Chaser, just came out. Located in Chicago. Fitment/quality on VS stuff is nice, comparable to Origin etc. Figured I'd holler since it can be difficult and expensive to source/ship aero for these cars to North America. We can also bring in Origin as we're Origin-US, although it's not something we normally stock yet. http://versionselect.com/shop/index.php/4dr-vip-bodykits/toyota-jzx100-chaser-96-00-version-i.html
  7. I'm trying to figure out the bare minimum wiring needed to get this 1JZ VVTi running off the jzx100 ecu (89661-22790) spliced into the OEM ecu. I've got this sheet with the current wiring setup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpEVmfAjzOJC8lv222NVwjEgKTAu4l8ZFxO9HQDKr0I/edit?usp=sharing My XE10 ecu will be controlling the throttle, since the ETCS-i should adjust the throttle based on target RPM/idle and thus change TPS values, which the jzx100 will read (tapped) add/remove fuel based on that TPS+MAF value. I'm not saying any of the above is correct, just trying to figure out why this pos wont run on the JZX100 ecu. (runs and idles well on stock ecu +EMU) - The ecu looks clean on the inside, but who knows that could be bad too. The goal is to remove the EMU so that I can drive on stock mapping for a bit and then add the EMU back in when I start changing stuff around. ps: a lot of the pins were confirmed also by looking at the EMU wiring, since they have the pinouts for the jzx100
  8. shiftdrift

    jzx100 r154 ECU 1jz vvti

    up for sale is a 1jz vvti/jzx100 ecu for manual trans. took the covers off and it looks clean/no corrosion inside. asking 200 shipped.
  9. Guest

    The old lady sedan.

    Bought this in the fall, arrived in November. Been driving it ever since. 13,000 km so far and its been decent. Fuel mileage is the pits and I need new brake pads. If I procrastinate much longer I'll need rotors too..........
  10. Fronts are busted (leaked), rears are fine, they just collecting dust atm and just got Tiens in, Located in Dandenong north, Call 0412380295. Looking for $200 or Offer Sorry for bad quality photo