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Found 5 results

  1. 2jzcoupe

    Family Truckster X83

    Let me introduce my self my name is Gerald I have been a creeper on here for a few years. I recently purchased a 1990 x83 that I am planning on making a clean fun car for me and my family to have fun with. I purchased a car from a friend of mine that had already had a auto na 2jz installed that his wife used to drive. But he wanted to keep the motor for another project this was fine for me as I only wanted the shell so that I could put my 2jzgte/r154 combo in it. Untitled by datsunguy1984, on Flickr I picked up the motor package by buy a s14 someone had in there storage unit for 1700 bucks after parting out what was left of the car. I have my motor and trans with a hd act clutch and light weight flywheel. Untitled by datsunguy1984, on Flickr I started tearing into the motor last week to see what parts i needed to order and found alot of questionable work. Lots of FIPG over metal gaskets and even the valve covers then no gasket on the IAc valve. by datsunguy1984, on Flickr
  2. chrishmurda

    x8 hippo sleek sideskirts

    great condition. email: chrismernagh@hotmail.com
  3. brinkin

    Random x8 parts for sale

    Aem 320lph fuel pump - brand new, sold 300zx front brake conversion for x7 or x8, $400 (Comes with calipers, Brembo slotted rotors, conversion bracket, hub rings, and brake lines) Front mount intercooler- brand new, sold Xessive manufacturing motor mounts and jz brackets for cressida. Brand new, sold Oem mk4 2jzgte water pump. New $100 Brinkin.
  4. Guest

    1jz n/a + auto trans

    motor out of my 92 JZX90 Cresta Tourer S. I'll have it pulled on Sunday for whoever to come pick up, or have picked up. really makes me angry that I have to part this shit just because everyone has their wallet shoved so far up their ass this year. 1JZ n/a auto transmission 85,000 kms on both wiring harness + computer HOW MUCH YOU PAY ME?
  5. Hi all I'm looking for parts for a 1994 JZX90 MarkII, Hood headlights A/C Bezel Driveshaft marker signals from the front of each fender or any info where I can purchase these items would be great thanks Andy