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Found 5 results

  1. SrtX83

    6.1 Hemi swap into A MX83

    Looking for info on if anyone has ever done this swap? Have a 6.1 Hemi from my 08 Srt8 Jeep I am thinking of dropping into my mx83. I feel like everyone does Jzs. Has anyone ever seen a similar build to this, Any info would be great to know! New to this group still learning how to get these photos and more info up
  2. white_raven

    Help Me Fund Something New

    Cleaning out the garage this weekend. Have a ton of jz/toyota stuff for sale. Make offers! The more you buy the better deals! Can get pics of anything you're interested in. 2jzgte single manifold w/ v-band wastegate flange 1jzgte single manifold 1jzgte non-trac throttle body jz coilpacks jz ignitor jz clutch fan jz serp belt (p/n is 1980 not sure if for ac or non-ac) Garrett T04E (t4 flange) + SS lines for jz (needs rebuild/exhaust blade) FC Oil Cooler Chinese BOV's with flanges x2 (one is tial style other is greddy style) 2jz 440cc injectors 2jz hydro pump x6 Digital Dash w/ pig tails (no fuel sender) x6 quad headlights (good for converting x7 to quad light style) 5m coil/ignitor 5m resistor pack aristo/supra jz mounts x6 Kouki and Zenki grill x7 Kouki grill E30/JZ conversion mounts (may fit e36) No Name 4-point Harness (red) AE86 CBY style Fender Flares (around 65mm)
  3. BKCressida1718

    F/S: Aristo Front Sump OIL PAN Setup

    Exactly what the title says. Complete minus the dipstick. 200+shipping and paypal
  4. stumbled upon this thread. not sure if any of you have already seen it (probably a few of you have). but it is a JZ/UZ auto trans bellhousing adapter to T56. or at least that's my understanding. http://www.v-eight.com/tech_forum/viewtopic.php?t=1326 guy is selling the cad file for $20 to have it machined on your own. anybody seen this? i think a T56 magnum would be pretty slick to have behind a JZ or a UZ