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Found 2 results

  1. brinkin

    Random x8 parts for sale

    Aem 320lph fuel pump - brand new, sold 300zx front brake conversion for x7 or x8, $400 (Comes with calipers, Brembo slotted rotors, conversion bracket, hub rings, and brake lines) Front mount intercooler- brand new, sold Xessive manufacturing motor mounts and jz brackets for cressida. Brand new, sold Oem mk4 2jzgte water pump. New $100 Brinkin.
  2. jah_fyah

    EFI - Fuel Pumps and GasTank

    Hey guys, finally tried to start up my swap this morning and it wouldn't start. I double checked all the wiring and grounds and stuff like that and still nothing. checked spark and I was getting spark, so next thing was fuel. I sprayed starter fluid and the beast started up and died. I undid the fuel line and cranked it and no gas at all. so next obvious step was to check the fuel pump...and sooo I checked it!!!!! Anyone want to take a guess how long I've been planning my swap?? LOL So with the problems I have above, my questions are which fuel pump should I get and Should I replace the tank as well since there is all kinds of shit in there or should I rinse it out with gas?? If replacing the tank is what I should do, where can I get one? there was only one cressida in town at a junk yard and all that is left is the blown motor and the interior..no tank.