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Found 1 result

  1. First off I would like to preface this by saying that this likely wont be the most interesting build thread on the site. It also wont have the most building. Frankly, I am starting this because it might possibly motivate me get my ass in gear on this thing. This is how it sits now. Pretty haggard, but I have some plans for the summer since I got a decent paying (for my broke student self) job as a Pyrotechnician. You can see the repairs from when my buddy slid it off the highwayrocking sick modified/custom skirts because the s9 ones were in a billion pieces. The fucking road I have to drive to get to work is a bitch, so this happened. Which had to be fixed ASAP, which was not a problem because I am using the UVic EcoCar shop (Q-hutdont know why they call it that) whilst they are away on competition. Irony is great. I dont know why they left their support car, but shout out to all these sponsors who unknowingly supported me. Also, shout-out to my buddy Garry who got me the hookups at Q-hut. Shop was great, going to try and get a few other small projects done before the eco-crew gets back in a few weeks. My buddy and I fixed and tucked exhaust and I have no pics because I am just learning to weld and its nothing that will make Gordon jealous to say the leastand also fucked my hand up the other week and still cant grab shit properly, which didnt help. Pic of hand just under a week laterI have fucking shit luck cutting my hands to pieces as Zale can probably attest to since half the time I either fuck or have fucked a hand. Also noticed (already knew, but its painfully obvious when its in the air) that I need an alignment. Dont really give a shit about these tires though because I hopefully will be getting some new wheels at some point in the summer and just align after that. Anyway, thats it for now, going to be hitting the Q-hut again in a few days and doing some more pointless shit and fixes while I wait for parts and such to arrive. Oh and if anyone gives a fuck, I can post some info in the next update on ghetto fixing the A/C blower, which I have seen a few people on here say is broke on their carswill be a good laugh for you guys and you can tell me how stupid I am.