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Found 1 result

  1. Sooooo sup Guys..... I'm Dirty, I've been around for a while just have been kinda stagnate. I bought my X8 almost 2 years ago and have done very little, to be honest more has been done in the last week then in the last 2 years. About a year ago JIC coilovers installed and sitting on VSKF's I made a few mistakes in the first month of owning this car and its caused all the time to be wasted. Listing because I want to. 1.Got the car as a future daily but was driving an rx7 project car already. 2.I bought some Fucking baller wheels (although for a good price IMO) 3.I didnt hop on the first affordable NA 2j I came across (which was my original plan) 4. I picked up some coilovers and they were a project at that. So now after all this time and attempting to sell my Cressida and/or the coilovers I did the sensiable thing and sold my perfectly running mostly finished Rx7 and got this The importer tells me its a jzx100 motor theres a sticker on the harness that says 1998 Obviously its low miles (supposedly) and my plan is to do serpentine belt and some hoses and shove it into my Cressida with the auto... money is going to be tight on this build and sacrifices are going to made to get it initially running quickly but Im going to try not to cut corners I wanted to start on the car this weekend but we had un-characteristic rain in LA So I got started today. after I took this picture I removed the header and called it a day came with free seat belt and I thought you guys should see how hacked it was I couldnt figure out a good reason for this hose to be cut but what the fuck ever tell me that its not that bad^^^ this was a selling point tbh might pull the block tomorrow Tomorrow Im gonna make a list of all the things I need mostly for my sake and go from there.